Students Say 'Young Democratic Socialists Of America' Not Socialist Enough

Authored by Zachary Petrizzo via Campus Reform,

A student at Virginia Commonwealth University is running for Co-Chair of the Young Democratic Socialists of America on the platform that the organization is not socialist enough.

YDSA’s silence on lynchings has not gone unnoticed. National’s inability to provide local chapters with meaningful resources is not ok. Our exclusive ‘in’ culture cannot continue,” VCU student Ulysses Carter declared in a tweet last week, adding that “This is why I’ve decided to run for National co-chair.”

The YDSA National Coordinating Committee has two “Co-Chairs” and four “at -large” members, all of whom are elected annually at the organization’s Summer Convention. The Committee oversees “activities, fundraising, publications, education, general political direction, and coalition work” of YDSA chapters nationwide.

Carter’s Twitter bio notes that he is currently the vice chair of the VCU YDSA chapter, and also declares that “RVA POLICE MURDERED #MarcusPeters.”

The VCU student launched a website that further explains who he is and the future he sees for the YDSA organization at a national level, asserting that:

...“as a white passing black man” he believes that in “our society being black places you squarely behind what DuBois coined ‘The Veil,’ knowing that blackness is something which casts you separately away from mainstream white society.”

Carter’s platform focuses on racial justice, classism, inclusivity, accessibility, and accountability, with an overarching emphasis on the need to “make a positive material change in the lives of poor and marginalized people” so that they can “participate in the revolution.”

“Individuals who are simply fighting every day to survive cannot take up the fight to achieve liberation,” he points out.

“When the entirety of your energy is spent on making enough money to survive, to pay rent, to feed your children, to pay the bus fare, how can you expect them to then come out and organize?”

Accusing YDSA of paying “lipservice [sic] to racial justice,” Carter that while “capitalism creates racism and cannot function without it,” destroying capitalism will not eradicate racism, because racism “will continue to propagate itself, and by proxy, capitalism.”

“We cannot hope to achieve liberation and equality for all without addressing racism as the separate entity which it is,” Carter adds. “While capitalism may have created racism, racism has shown time and time again that it can and will propagate itself without the need of capitalism. We must be steadfast in our work of eradicating both.”

He also claims that YDSA is guilty of the very “classism” that it purports to fight, claiming that socialist “meme culture” tends to appeal to “a certain demographic of middle class and higher white men.”

“Our organization needs to fundamentally change our culture from the cliquey, exclusionary social club it currently is to an inclusive organization which opens its arms to people from all walks of life, of all class, color, identity, and orientation,” Carter declares.

“I believe that rather than simply having diversity mandates in our offices, we must actively work to elevate and prioritize the voices of our marginalized groups, particularly people of color. The dominating white culture in this organization will only prioritize itself and its goals, which will never match those of us people of color.”

On the “About” page of his website, Carter notes that in just the first semester of the YDSA at VCU chapter’s existence, he was involved in campaigns opposing VCU’s Master Plan, which he claims is about “gentrifying he [sic] entirety of Richmond’s Broad Street,” and supporting the Adjuncts for Fair Pay movement, “in which professors fight working conditions and pay so inadequate some professors are homeless.”

He also notes that he coordinated a protest against “the tuition hike passed to pay for VCU’s real estate acquisitions” and “began work on his campus with William and Mary’s initiative to eliminate prison slave labor in Virginia.”

Campus Reform reached out to Carter, who declined to comment. YDSA has not yet provided a response.


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WTF are they talking about.., fighting day to day to stay alive? I call BS. I survived for years having a bean burrito for breakfast, no lunch, and maybe a frozen TV dinner at night. Unless I was VISITING my parents or my girlfriends parents, at which time I gained the reputation of eating like a horse. Took whatever bullchit job I could during and after college, occasionally collecting pop bottles to have enough for a pitcher of beer and a hero sandwich at the local pub at night. We were happy as could be. Great times, great memories, no social media taking up all our time and telling us how bad we had it. We made life-long friendships and memories.

We had way less than these crybabies today, and still managed a great life. Cantaloupe crates to hold the records AND serve as end tables to the old couch picked up at the curb somewhere. Hell.., I sometimes wish I could go back...

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LOL, they are gonna eat their communism on a shit sammich! Social Democrats are murdering filth, end them now before they take any power! We went 5 for 5 in the specials, and anyone the cross-eyed dope Ortez touched went down in flames - I say that is a good sign!

psssst - lock-stick-shit sizzler, I am down here.

Here is the order of hangings:

1) Traitors in .gov and we take back control

2) Communist professors

3) Yellow journalists

This rest of the communists will die off from mental masturbation!

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They're all pro-socialism until someone sits them down and fully explains exactly what it means, using examples like Venezuela et al to bring the point home.

Then they're all like not about that type of socialism...even though that's what it is!

They really do not know what they're asking for!

Further, if they want that they ought to get it right now by heading on down to Venezuela. Leave the rest of us alone to stew in our own juices, GTFO now and go someplace where it's being tried (and failing).


PS - the kunt thing is getting really old...

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[quote] Individuals who are simply fighting every day to survive cannot take up the fight to achieve liberation,” he points out. [/quote]

Well, it would be so much easier to "survive" if:  1. Layabouts weren't collecting Welfare!

2. We weren't paying Seniors Social Security.

3. We weren't paying Govt Employees (both pensions and salaries).

Seems to me that the USA is way too "Socialist" already!

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Wrong, traitors in gov, lobbyist, bankers, Hollywood power brokers, MSM types, the professors/journalist will shut the fuck up when the see the guillotine being oiled.
It is only in this climate of stupidity they feel able to behave the way they do.

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Taking this great nation back by force by We The People is the only way we will destroy government corruption, corruption by the MIC, and restore the rule of law in this country. Government corruption is not being prosecuted and should be with the threat of execution to keep politicians honest. I'm all in favor of a nation wide revolution to root out all Marxists and communists as well. I would start by arresting George Soros and seizing all of his assets. Execute him for sedition and treason. Americans need their civil rights restored, government waste and corruption ended and a path to peace and cooperation with the rest of the world.

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Twain once said that Congress should be required to serve while wearing nooses, to keep them upright in one fashion or another. As for the corruptions known as lobbyists,  I would not be against a no-bag-limit season on them.

Ah, Soros... ...does anyone here think that corrupt waste of skin actually has anything tangible... even a wallet? He is the ultimate paper warrior/dictator, a would-be Wolsey for the entire planet.

"Rule of Law"... we're the good guys, so we have to play by it. The other side isn't so encumbered. Saying otherwise is, at best, damned foolish, and, at worst, proving the point.

The Founding Fathers were called everything  by their opposition, even after the Treaty of Paris. and they did their freeing of the country by the ultimate violation of law: war. That we did not lapse into a Reign of Terror never ceases to amaze.

An internal war this time will not be so immune. What's left of the innocent will die  with the rest of us.

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They're talking about Adjunct Professors, trying to start a career and live on $10,000 a year with no benefits.

$10,000 a year buys a lot of jugs of beer and dates with girlfriends but if you have a family and you have to feed, house, cloth kids etc. 

Also National average for same position is $20,000 versus $10,000, so I get the point.


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Thanks for the memories, gmr. I worked my way through college too, coffee for breakfast, sometimes coffee for lunch, and a 19 cent milkshake and tiny little burger for 99 cents for dinner. Overachieved on grades and managed to have lots of activities and girlfriends along the way. Mid '60s, met THE girl, and was the luckiest guy in the room for 47 years, and knew it.

I'd go back and do it again in a new york minute - but not in today's crybaby world. I suspect most of new college 'revolutionaries' grew up with a fuck of a lot more money than I did; and a lot less parenting.

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Bernie et al have convinced these mush brains that everything should be handed to you.  That there is no reason anybody has to work or exert themselves more than pressing a few buttons on their phone or TV remote.

If these sad sacks want to try their precious communism nobody is stopping them.  There are multiple ways they can go start living in kommunism right now! Here are a few of the ways:

1. Get on a plane (or ship) for Venezuela or Cuba.  And don't come back.

2. Get together a group of your komrads and form a reservation or compound where you can live in kommunist utopia.  If you need capital to start your adventure there are many places you can get all you need:  Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, etc.  Have them buy a plot of land and build a wall around it.  Then you can go in with your friends and build your kommunist utopia.

3. Simply choose to live a life according to kommunist rules.  Nobody is stopping you from living a kommunist life.  Just because you are not surrounded by people living in kommunism does not mean you can't enjoy the fruits of your philosophy today.  It will take discipline, but it is entirely possible.  If necessary you can find volunteers who will force you to live a kommunist utopia.  In fact, you can contact me and I'll be glad to ensure you don't step out of line.  That is available today at no cost!

If you like your shithole you can keep your shithole!

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+100. I call BS on this as well. I'm familiar with that area and I can tell you no member of the VCU faculty is eating from dumpsters. Any school that can afford to pay its BASKETBALL COACH $1.2 MILLION per year is not going to retain any faculty by paying them only $10k a year. This is just another example of a hopelessly CLUELESS young millennial moron who has NO IDEA about the real world, and who's idea of 'fighting to stay alive' is having to figure out how to possibly exist when his iPhone battery dies and there is no more student loan money left to keep eating and drinking out at all the hipster joints in downtown Richmond. Oh the calamity! Social Justice for the oppressed! Down with white people! What a dolt.



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There really isn't any point in continuing to point out that you are completely full of shit here. Everybody seems to know that. It is not like you have any credibility here or audience. I hope you do continue on with your quest to be the most pathetic internet troll that ever lived. You are well on your way to achieving that goal. that fact that this is what you have chosen to do with your life is comical to me. Good luck and see you in the funny papers, Monkey Boy. You miserable , foul nasty, lying, skanky, miserable cunt.  You will reap what you have sown in life and in your case that isn't much.

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Good, take a long hike sister, right off a short pier! My life will be so much easier when you stop shitting up the board following me around like a snail trail.

My, my, you are the king of the board, aren't ya? A regular Rex Reed, good stuff, I bet you want a medal, or would that be a chest to pin it on?

wait for it....response will be either here or somewhere else, it is a reflexive sort of tranny.

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Actually the video he posted is correct and there are several more that explain this by the same guy from the USSR.  Which was communist like China and supported by  Banking families in NY and London, just like the the PROC Communist government.   That now owns your Hollywood studios.


When you live to 106 and can get 5 ultra rare hearts for a very rare blood type whenever needed, waiting 20 years for the next change is not a problem.  Especially when you can cure cancer that others can't.

My actual thoughts on your spam post, is you do not like his attitude or picture, that is your personal thing, but it doesn't make him wrong on this post.


Edit update:  Lock here is only posting on one thing over and over, he appears to be the troll atm, not wanting you to see reality. 

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All these spoiled filthy fucks should be deported to Africa without daddies USD to protect them.

Every Sub-Saharan country went communist or socialist after independence. 

Then when that ideological shitshow bears its economic poison its an all-you-can-blame racism fueled genocidal buffet. Chop up or expel the whites and Asians who are ruining your Marxist utopia. When the easy minorities are gone then chop up and eat your neighboring tribesman who are a slightly differing shade of nigger.


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