"This Thing's Massive" - 14,000 Fight Devastating California Fires, 2 Arsonists Charged As Death Toll Rises

"Everything is on a 100 times scale," exclaimed Craig Cottrill, chief of the Wellington Fire Department in New Zealand, who along with 52 other firefighters from down under, are battling the biggest wildfires California has ever seen. "This thing's massive."

In fact there are now over 14,000 on the frontline with crews, including almost 2,000 inmates, 200 soldiers, and dozens of firefighters from overseas.

They are deployed statewide and led by Cal Fire. The state's firefighting agency employs 5,300 full-time firefighters and hires an additional 1,700 each fire season. Trained prisoners and firefighters from 17 states and around the world fill out the ranks.

Those on the ground get help from more than 1,000 fire engines, 59 bulldozers, 22 air tankers, 17 airplanes, 12 helicopters and 11 mobile kitchens.

They are battling blazes on the Nevada border and along the coast.


Source: SFChronicle FireTracker

Ranch Fire (Mendocino Complex)

The fire, started off Highway 20 in Mendocino County, has prompted mandatory evacuations in three counties. Together with the River Fire, it is the largest wildfire in California’s history.
Acreage:255,482 acres
Damage:119 residences and 110 other structures destroyed (Mendocino Complex total)
Fire began:12:03 p.m. July 27, 2018

River Fire (Mendocino Complex)

The fire in Mendocino and Lake Counties, south of the larger Ranch Fire, has prompted evacuations. The two fires comprise the Mendocino Complex, California’s largest wildfire in history.
Acreage:48,920 acres

Fire began:1:01 p.m. July 27, 2018

Carr Fire

An erratic and fast moving fire in Shasta County that spread to Redding and has taken the lives of seven people, including three firefighters.
Acreage:177,450 acres

Damage:1,077 residences, 22 commerical structures and 500 other structures destroyed
Fire began:1:16 p.m. July 23, 2018

Ferguson Fire

A deadly wildfire burns in steep, rugged forestland along the Merced River west of Yosemite National Park. The fire has taken the lives of two firefighters.
Acreage:95,104 acres

Damage:10 structures destroyed
Fire began:10:35 p.m. July 13, 2018

Holy Fire

A blaze in the Cleveland National Forest has prompted evacuations in Orange County. A suspect has been arrested for arson in connection with the fire.
Acreage:9,614 acres

Damage:12 structures destroyed
Fire began:1:20 p.m. Aug. 6, 2018

Cranston Fire

This fire in Riverside County is prompting highway closures and evacuations. A man has been arrested for arson in connection with the fire.
Acreage:13,139 acres

Fire began:11:57 a.m. July 25, 2018

Sadly, the death toll in what was already the most lethal year for firefighters in California since 2008 increased to five on Thursday, when Andrew Brake, 40, of Chico - a heavy equipment mechanic - was killed after falling asleep at the wheel on his way to the fire lines near Redding, a family member told The Chronicle.

Brake was the third firefighter killed in the battle to contain the Carr Fire, which has burned 177,450 acres in three weeks, ravaging the area around Redding and destroying 1,077 homes. It continues to scorch steep, dry uninhabited land and has no projected date for containment. Two firefighters died in the early days of the fire as flames roared into Redding: Don Ray Smith, 81, a contract bulldozer operator from Pollock Pines (El Dorado County); and Jeremy Stoke, a fire inspector for the Redding Fire Department.

According to figures released by Cal Fire, 22 fire service workers have died on duty since 2008, not including this year. Thirteen of those deaths came in 2008, including nine firefighters killed in a helicopter crash in Trinity County while fighting the Iron Complex Fire. Since then, fire service deaths have been relatively few. 

“What we’re seeing are conditions that are off the charts as far as fire behavior,” said Jonathan Cox, a Cal Fire battalion chief. “And unfortunately, the risks are also off the charts.”


Today saw two arsonists charged with starting some of the deadly wildfires:

A man has been arrested in connection with the Holy Fire burning in the Cleveland National Forest southwest of Corona, according to CBSLA.

The Cleveland National Forest Twitter account posted about the arrest late Wednesday morning. The suspect, 51-year-old Forrest Gordon Clark, was booked into Orange County Jail on suspicion of two counts of felony arson, one count of felony threat to terrorize, and one count of misdemeanor resisting arrest.

A 32-year-old man from Temecula was arrested on suspicion of arson Wednesday night after he was accused of setting multiple fires, one of which burned thousands of acres in the San Bernardino National Forest, destroyed homes and forced thousands to flee.

Brandon N. McGlover was arrested on suspicion of five counts of arson to wildland after the Cranston Fire erupted earlier the same day.

Finally, there is some good news, firefighters said for the first time tonight that they have made good progress battling the state's largest-ever wildfire, they admitted that they didn't expect to have it fully under control until September.


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Actually they did, having lived in those mountains... I think you will find the primary issue is Cheatgrass...



Watching fires is basically a local past time, its been that way since this grass caused connections between the plants where it used to be sand.  It sits for years in arid areas and builds up if even a single rain hits.    Years ago we used to go watch the fires on both sides of the mountains...


So yea some scape goats were found, who knows if the story about them is at all true.   Its big money for those fire fighters per hour and their managers.  Some are folks trying to save lives some are in for a paycheck..


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You mean like less corporate clear--cutting, then replanting mono-culture seedlings right next to each others, and forcing more selective cutting? Yeah, didn't think so....

The left has been advocating for 'responsible forest practices' since the 1970s jumbo, but the liggers sold out to the NY bond traders.

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They did this for hunting though, not intentional forestry practices. It is true that they knew not to do it in the middle of summer. We struggle with modern practices in Australia today. The East Coast stopped doing controlled burns for mistaken environmental concerns and have been struggling with massive bush fires in the years since as the fuel builds up to hazardous levels. In Western Australia where burning off has continued to be applied we have much smaller and easily controlled bushfires.

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I wish I was in the land of cotton.


Sherman marched right over my people's plantation in Jackson, Georgia.

I came out to Texas to enlist Texas Cavalry.

The Yellow Rose of Texas.


But I got distracted and lost track of time.


It's back on.


Edit Note: changed selection,  they took down two selections, it was inappropriate for their community and you had to push a button, well it was inappropriate to post, no, they pulled a stunt to see how far they can go, the first time mr. youtube censored a selection, that's how it started on the newspapers message board, picked us off one by one. It was when Facebook took over the newspapers message board. One long time poster who always with good manners always disagreed with the left wing editors page. Everyone around was censored, then it came my turn. I raised hell about and scared the ____ out of the newspaper and was reinstated. They did it so many times. I mean erased every posts, then I would make them restore it.

Then I read the FBI gave a talk to the city and media that the city was a tinderbox. Then the whole system was changed again. It proved to me the FBI had input in the censorship scam. We are under martial law.

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Looks like Mr. Youtube is censoring two of their music videos. It had a button to push because it was so bad it showed Americans in army combat.

When I went to the doctor, I couldn't understand what he was talking about.

So when I went home my helpful Mr. Youtube had a complete row on the subject telling me I was going to die. Thank you Mr. Youtube, it made my day.

So I started believing what I thought in 2012, my phone had been hacked. Now I know it's national policy to allow the tech firms to listen in on your phone to help you.

I only told a relative back in 2012, who said in a concern voice, you think your phone is hacked, and I said they're listening to us to sell us stuff and they've gone much further. Well my relative confirmed it.

Now they won't give me the brain chip because I have no value because I'm an old white male who needs to be replaced and I'm not eligible for the false memory chip, but Americans are lining up for it, because big tech says it'll be so much fun.

Burn it to the ground, they have now replaced GOD, kill them in the name of God for they attempted the murder of God. 

They think they are greater than God.

Edit Note:

I wonder how many know, the tech giants have an AI robot just for you, collecting data on you to sell you stuff? Who said they can listen on your phone? How many know it's not just selling you stuff, it's now helping you on all kinds of things?

Who said they can collect data on all aspects of our lives? It's like a chicken farmer harvesting chickens.

That sounds kind of fruity didn't it, because it would to me until I started realizing an AI robot assigned to me is following me around collecting data and in real time the tech firms believe they're helping me.

Who said they can do that?

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dozens and dozens and dozens of banned log-on's -- more than seven years!


....and all the while, the pathetic little SPAMMER sits in his leaky, moldy, smelly single wide in Western New York, surrounded by garbage and dirty clothes, trying to find his dick amidst rolls of fat, talking to his ACTION FIGURES and wondering where his life went.


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Deforestation has been talked about in global warming since the 1970s. This isn't news to anyone on the left, just the dumb liggers out clearcutting everything and the stupid right-wing echo chamber created to maximize personal profit over the public interest.

Not much empathy for any timber communties in these areas. Y'all sold your souls decades ago.

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IvannaHumpalot nightshiftsucks Thu, 08/09/2018 - 21:56 Permalink

paranoid bullshit. That's what happens when you plant friggin' EUCALYPTS. Don't you know what they do?


They evolved through 60,000 years of Aborigines lighting fires to be fire-resistant. The Eucalypt uses fire to wipe out the plant opposition and to reproduce.


Eucalyptus trees have highly flammable eucalyptus oil in their leaves. They actively start fires. They drop a lot of leaf litter and rubbish that is highly flammable when dry. Let that build up and bam. Anything sets them off on a hot day - including dry lightning - and whoosh off it goes. They survive the other trees die. They dominate.


Cut them all down and replant something slower growing that is native to the US and is much less flammable.

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Think of it this way, we'll need an Alamo to fight the next Civil War. It'll take the Federal Government slaughtering ten thousand and then we'll see what all the tough people are calling for.

Alex Jones became the scapegoat, now they're moving to the next target. So Alex Jones being removed is not enough.

If the Federal Government makes one mistake, then it's on. This entire nation will be burned to the ground. The left has gone mob rule, we're no longer under the rule of law.

Texas is ready to fight.


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