Watch Antifa Storm Portland City Hall, Smash Security Guard In Head

Black-clad activists stormed Portland City Hall on Wednesday to protest the city's crowd control techniques used by police during last Saturday's counter-protest of a conservative march. The group assaulted one security guard with a megaphone and scuffled with several others, reports Oregon Live

Some of those who say they were injured by officers dressed in military gear and wielding batons or non-lethal munitions were on scene Wednesday, trying to speak with city officials.

One demonstrator, who was masked and wearing a baseball helmet, smashed a security guard over the head repeatedly with a megaphone. The guard was seen afterward clutching a bag of ice, a bruise beginning to form on his cheek. -Oregon Live

City Hall chief of security, Dorothy Elmore, reports being struck in the arm by a protester, while an unidentified bandana-clad man who was found sprawled on the floor outside the mayor's office was arrested and carried out by his arms and legs. Also arrested was 67-year-old Diane Keeauve, according to Portland police spokesman Sgt. Chris Burley. 

Each of the protesters face second-degree trespassing charges, said Burley. 

The demonstration started on a less rowdy note. A few dozen protesters converged near City Hall's east portico beginning around 9:30 a.m. to rail against police brutality after riot cops injured multiple people at Saturday's downtown protests.

Among them were those who say they were physically harmed by officers as police attempted to clear the rally against the right-wing group Patriot Prayer. -Oregon Live

"I should be home recovering from the pain and trauma I'm suffering. But I'm also suffering from complete outrage and powerlessness," said Michelle Fawcett, who lives in Portland.

The 52-year-old Fawcett sustained third-degree chemical burns after being struck by a flash-bang grenade fired by police. 

civil disturbance was declared at Saturday's march, after police say Antifa counter-protesters threw projectiles at them. 

Portland police chief Danielle Outlaw said on Monday that the bureau had temporarily suspended the use of flash-bang grenades, which they refer to as "aerial distraction devices," until they determine of they are working correctly after at least three people were hospitalized Saturday according to the activists. 

Leo Lacroix said he was injured when a non-lethal projectile fired by police grazed his head. He showed a reporter photos of his bloodied forehead and a scab from the small wound.

"I'd like to know why I was shot in the head by the cops," said Lacroix, 28. -Oregon Live

The Portland city council meeting began on Wednesday with little disruption, however after a man was escorted out of the building for swearing at council members, people in the audience broke into chants of "end police brutality," which mayor Ted Wheeler admonished them for. When they would not stop, he called a recess to the session and reconvened with city commissioners in a conference room outside of his office - where the meeting was conducted despite muffled chants of "shame on you" from protesters outside. 

Commissioner carried on through their agenda despite muffled chants of "shame on you" from protesters outside.

"What's happening downstairs?" Commissioner Amanda Fritz asked during a break between hearings.

"Well, there's actually a gentleman laying on the floor right outside," replied Matt Grumm, chief of staff to Commissioner Dan Saltzman.

Grumm turned to Commissioner Nick Fish: "Jumped on an e-scooter yet?"

Fish replied that he had not, but that they "seem to be everywhere."

Though the meeting went on in ho-hum fashion, with discussions of property liens, eminent domain and parks bonds, the atmosphere outside was anything but. -Oregon Live

At that point, the protesters broke in and began assaulting city employees, only to stop after they were threatened with arrest. 


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Move along, these are not the communists you are looking for.

Nah, no communists in the USofA, not a single one, we are all brothers and everything is kumbaya!

Not a thing to worry about at all. Just some useless eaters that's all.

God, I'd love for a masked midget hit me with something, they will grow a new orifice!

So, do I still look so stupid to you guys?


EDIT - I see you all are still in delusion land, or have I just pissed everyone one off here? If so, either way, good.

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Hmmm 717 pm and no comment from "Freeze these" interesting...

@Koan occupy got shut down when they started targeting the Federal Reserve (rightly so) and started occupying foreclosed homes. At that moment they stopped recieving funding and the organization collapsed.

The Right is better off not engaging and let them be the face of violence and disrespect.

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this is fucking great! lol 

The scumbag treasonous lefties have created monsters that they can no longer control who are now attacking the scumbag treasonous lefties!  hahaha

Suffer for it...they all deserve it. 

We don't even have to lift a finger or pull a trigger.  We can sit back w/ all you can eat popcorn and watch them destroy themselves.





and lastly, but not least:


hahahahaha  this is classic! 

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These Antifa people are clearly not the intellectual geniuses they pretend to be.

Anyone stupid enough to go after the police or city officials at this early stage of fighting is a moron.

Based on the photo we're dealing with some really lunatic fringe here...


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You are kidding!!!

Shit. That dude had fucking Shrooms in his possession when he was arrested. You know what would happen to you and me if we got caught with fucking shrooms? Hard time, thats what. 

Eric Clanton and Yvette Falarca. The two of them need to hang together. 

I guess the poetic justice will be when the S. Carolina car guy gets acquitted since he didn't do anything wrong. 

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If you weren't such an antagonist you might be received in a better light.

How TF do these asshole, blatantly funded Subversives get away with shit like this? Some cities will target you for jay walking or spitting on a sidewalk / smoking in public. But these people, that have chosen to be "Antifa" ...(liars) are hardly charged with anything of substance, let alone beat to a bloody pulp! I remember as a kid having a large 6 D-cell flashlight shoved into my solar plexus because I was a shithead to the cops. I deserved it! I guess you can't do that anymore. Parents are arrested for spanking their misbehaving children etc.

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It used to be. So fvck you asshole! You either get too ridiculous as a savior of humanity or cuck yourself out with the ...if you don't like me I'll go away...whiney bullshit. Just state your case and stand down with the playful baloney in your head! I many times agree with what you espouse. I do however have trouble aligning myself with what you say because of the way you say it. No need to be a troll/antagonist when what you are saying stands on it's own....or maybe it doesn't.

edit: and you had nothing to say about the rest of my post which was answering the actual issue all are discussing.

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"I'd like to know why I was shot in the head by the cops,"

I think you're right! Not high on the intelligence chart this one. Okay, I'll venture a guess or two for him - Failure to leave a riot? Assault with a deadly weapon on a cop? Just off the top of my head. Cops should be waiting for him outside the hospital... but then some leftist judge would just say he was innocent.

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Well you may just be right. Soros has funded ANTIFA, and other major Jewish players
They are shutting down the internet as we speak, by that I mean any website telling the TRUTH about (((THEM))).

Jewish Intellectual Activism for Internet Control
July 24, 2018 Andrew Joyce, Ph.D. Dr Joyce is a retired professor from England.

A “Jewish Swarm Consciousness”: Israeli App Orchestrates Interference in Politics Across the World

These 2 articles cover what GOOGLE and the rest of the "free competion" internet bosses did to Andrew Anglin and his website the Daily Stormer:
After Protests, EU Decides to Reconsider Law Banning Memes
Andrew Anglin July 5, 2018

"The internet is making very powerful people very powerfully angry."

UN Passes Resolution Declaring Free Expression on the Internet a Human Right
Andrew Anglin July 10, 2018

Yet the anti-white groups are not only free to post anything, even calling for the ASSASSINATION of our leaders, but they are allowed to assault, grievously, Trump supporters and anyone else on the "right"

Disqus is the Latest to Ban Alex Jones!
Andrew Anglin August 9, 2018

No Russian ever called for silencing supporters of any political commentator.

Just saying.

Even if they did post memes in support of candidates, one has to acknowledge that calling for supporters of candidates to be silenced is something much more extreme as far as “political meddling” goes.

An organized conspiracy by tech companies, the media and Democratic politicians to silence political opposition is blatantly and obviously breaking all sorts of conspiracy and sedition laws.

The fact that these people are mostly Jews, many of which have dual-citizenship, probably violates the Logan Act.

But more shutdowns are coming.

I hope it reaches the level of domain seizure. Because they will move to Breitbart next. And I don’t think they’ll wait a year like they did between me and Jones.

The ((( MSM ))) will NEVER let you know what is REALLY GOING ON.
(((THEY))) are also working to disarm you...

Jews and Jewish organizations lead the gun control campaign by Professor Kevin MacDonald

Jews and Gun Control: A Reprise by Andrew Joyce, PhD (retired Professor from England)

GUN CONTROL: Not What It Seems

If you study what happened to Russia, the Tsar and his family, they were BUTCHERED by God's Chosen People. LITERALLY. Lenin, himself, was part Jewish.
Leon Bronstein, known as Trotsky, was also Jewish.
They were the BOLSHEVIK BUTCHERS, and they had never shown that inclination when the Tsar was in power.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn states it plainly:
"We cannot state that all Jews were Bolsheviks. But: Without Jews there would never have been Bolshevism. For a Jew nothing is more insulting than the truth. The blood maddened Jewish terrorists had murdered sixty-six million in Russia from 1918 to 1957."

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As a Portland suburb resident I see how the police handle this sort of thing here.  For the most part, the lefties are harmless and just want to throw their tantrum because whaa...their pussy hurts.

You will remember activists gathering on the Willamette river a couple years ago to protest an Exxon oil rig exiting the area ( in their plastic kyaks no less. )  The rig left, the protesters had their protest and really nothing happened.

More recently the leftist antifas are starting to get militant.  I am pretty sure the lefty mayor and lefty city council will have a beef with any group that trys to take them on while doing nothing if the same group goes after the FBI, ICE, or DEA here in town.

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