Jim Kunstler Rages At America's "Anything-Goes-And-Nothing-Matters" Society

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

Fever Pitch

Those in the USA who have not been driven plumb insane by President Donald Trump are probably scratching their heads down to the subdural cavity this week with his imposition of more severe sanctions on Russia only a month after he went to Helsinki to repair tattered relations with Russia’s president, Mr. Putin. The official reason: payback for the poisoning in Wiltshire, UK, of Sergei Skripal, retired UK/Russia double agent, and his daughter Yulia.

Really? For that? For a botched assassination with one of the world’s most potent military nerve agents which, by the way, failed to kill its victims. (Somebody please go inform the Russian military that they may have batch problems over at the nerve agent lab.) Oh, also, by the way, there’s less evidence that whatever-it-was on the Skripal’s doorknob, or in the bubble-and-squeak they ordered at that restaurant, came from Russia than from the UK’s own military poisons lab at nearby Porton Down.

This new mystifying chapter in US foreign relations raises some beguiling questions. For instance: why exactly do we give a fuck about a Russian spy who sold out to the UK at the same moment in history that we (that is, the American public and their news media) hardly heaved a sigh over the joint US – Saudi bombing of a school bus in Yemen that killed 43 people, mostly children, this week?

Want to see the dishonesty of The New York Times in action? Read this story from Thursday’s (Aug 9) paper about the school bus bombing. The lede says: “An airstrike from the Saudi-led coalition struck a school bus in northern Yemen on Thursday and killed dozens of people, many of them children….” Got that? A “coalition.” Guess what? Nowhere in the story does the Times explain that the US is part of that coalition. “The strikes were “carried out in accordance with international humanitarian law….” The Times concluded the story. Szh-yeah, I’m sure….

Our President, who I like to call the Golden Golem of Greatness for his role in restoring this limping nation to something like a 1947 Jimmy Stewart movie — all Christmas and kittens — might be accused of overplaying the sanctions blame-game in order to demonstrate to our own Deep State how much he doesn’t love Russia and its leader, Mr. Putin, a verified agent of Satan. Next thing you know, Mr. Trump will don evangelical robes and hurl bibles at a photo of Vladimir P on Don Lemon’s CNN show. That’ll get Ole Horseface Mueller off his back, won’t it? And those pesky Dem-Progs drooling for impeachment.

Alas, this sanctions gambit may lead to serious consequences — a nearly unthinkable outcome in our culture of Anything-Goes-and-Nothing-Matters. Mr. Putin responded to the latest sanctions talk by saying he might withdraw Russia’s ambassador from Washington. (I’m not even sure what he’s still doing there, since the Michael Flynn incident established the new notion in DC that speaking to ambassadors from foreign lands is somehow against the law.) If you read a little history, you may notice that the withdrawal of diplomats is usually one of the last political acts before war.

We need a war with Russia, right?

Well, it’s possible that the Deep State’s factotums want one - since they’ve been hollering about the wickedness of Russia at a deafening pitch for two years now. I’m wondering just what their fantasy of this war might be. Anything like the great victory over Grenada back in 1983, our most successful military venture since the surrender of Japan in 1945. Code-named Operation Urgent Fury, this campaign against one of the Caribbean’s most dangerous nations, took only four days to wrap up — and notice, we haven’t had any trouble from them Grenadian bastards ever since.


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Kunstler back to his Trump Derangement Syndrome again just like a fish out of water, flopping around and gasping for a Democrat Party that is actually interested in doing something good for the Sheeple. God forbid your Blue Brains should have some real ideas and want to help out.

Sorry, Jimmy.   You need to find another life because your belief system is based on lies and fantasy. John Kennedy is gone and so is your Democrat Party and its never coming back. Maybe you should look to your "Resistance" for some comfort. Maybe recognize the destruction brought on the country by your Magic Negro Messiah and that Trump inherited a mess people like you created and desperately need to maintain because it's all you know.


When you're born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you're born in America, you get a front row seat.
- George Carlin




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Lovey and I have spent a lot of time in Grenada and we were there not long after that fiasco. It's beautiful and we've made friends there. They were very curious why the Americans insisted on destroying *all* the Cuban vehicles, supplies and equipment once they were done liberating.

Grenada is not a wealthy country and they explained they could have used those things. We had no answer for them.

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Thank you John McCain and Little-Lindsey-in-a-Skirt Graham for your leadership on confronting the Russian Menace! Without you two all those brain dead fucktards in the Senate might accidentally divert their attention to confirming some of those 180 presidential appointments that await your gracious consent. Oh yeah, and the judges- I’m sure Turtle McConnell appreciates you taking the pressure off, what with the expectations us little people have from you estimables working almost two complete half days per week, these Ruskie sanctions show you can burn the midnight oil to save us all.


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When is Kunstler going to talk about the prima facie fraud that is the debt-based monetary system that acts, in effect, like an economic operating system that screws over ordinary people?

Is Kunstler dumb when it comes to the #1 issue of all issues, or is Kunstler simply playing dumb?

“When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.”
-Jimi Hendrix

How To Be a Crook

Poverty - Debt Is Not a Choice

Renaissance 2.0 The Rise of [Debt-Money Monopolist] Financial Empire

Debunking Money

Krugman (and each MIT economist professor) is a Goebbelsian propagandist as he covers the crimes of wolves with his fake sheep suit and lisp.

Krugman to Lietaer: "Never touch the money system!"

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Dude where you been JHK has been tooting that horn and walking the line for at least a decade actually for long time.  He calls out corruption where it is.  He calls for truth and honesty.   Can't agree with all he thinks but for the most of it he is a true American.  God forbid we all become mindless obedient clones without dissent and discussion. 

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Other than selling the Saudis weapons, it is unclear from the NY Times article what role the US had in that horrific school-bus incident. Americans might be less interested in it due to the fact that Yemen harbors terrorists who commit mass murders in the USA. As I recall, there was a recent mass murder by terrorists in Pakistan that the media, likewise, downplayed. There have been other horrible things there, like that private school for boys, where a heinous mass killing by terrorists took place. The distance Americans have with regard to these things might have something to do with (1) not wanting to give politicians the excuse to get into more costly wars via a focus on what goes on in far-away lands and (2) the fact that some of those countries house terrorists that have killed many Americans.

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Trump imposing more tariffs on Russia takes that entire issue (weapon) away from the Dums and Rinos and strengthens the Reps for the upcoming elections.  Knowing that congress was going to pass more sanctions on Russia anyway with a veto proof margin, Trump preempted the upcoming shitshow and  took the entire issue away from the media as well.  Russia probably would have faced even more severe sanctions if Congress drew them up.   Remember, if he loses the House, there will be nearly no chance of better relations with Russia in the future.  Trump made the best decision under the circumstances.

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Fact is, this happened before.  Remember when Trump stated he didn’t want to add additional sanctions on Russia and Congress passed veto proof sanctions and forced his hand?  How long ago was that?  Trump learned that game rule quickly.  Facing the same scenario, he took the reigns.  This issue DOES NOT come up again before the elections.  

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It is your trustworthy, always on the job, looking out for the best for you and all American citizens, 450 members of the U.S. Congress that want to sabotage Russian relations.  Led by a host of favorites such as RINOs Lindsay "I am not coming out of the closet" Graham, John McStain, Mitch McConnell, and aided by Demorat's Big Bob Menendez with Charles "Chuckie" Shumer and friends.  

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Perhaps -- SOME day -- you might spend a minute or two distinguishing between the excellence of the initial effort to guarantee liberty for Americans and this bastard child of a legal and political order under which we suffer.  Your dumb ass "murikan" articulation of the problem is worthless.  What does it tell us about the proper road to take from here?

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Proper road to take from here? Shirley, you jest. Frankly your guess would be good as mine, but, you may have noticed from my imaginary handle, why I believe that ship has sailed .

Furthermore as to distinguishing from the original liberty movement , let’s just say Those founders are turning over in their graves in abject dismay that the former republic is heretofore unrecognizable.

Now some here are agitating, calling for a call to arms, I not being one of those. Having already been through one brothers war, at great cost, I see no upside there.

I’m afraid the devolution and dissolution will , as it is now , simply take in a life of its own, and as for the common man, the simple sort, keep your head down, powder dry, cupboards well stocked, stay out of debt, play in the rigged games at your own peril , but above all else be prepared to act in self defense when that time does come.

wish the news were better. Thanks for writing

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 2) Call in ...let's say.....45-50 air strikes....K STREET - the last 10 being napalm to burn whatever hasn't been vaporized...


4) Round up the M.I.C. cabal of officers and directors - summary execution...

(Hey...Stalin did it....why can't we)


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So Don Chump is gonna save USSA's drug addled, entitled, bloated, sorry ass from bankruptcy, serial war crimes, mutant gender retardation and perversion.... all the stinking rot and all the inevitable payback that 90% of humanity is clamoring for?

More opioids!

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I'm confused --- did the Russkies really invent Identity Politics??????

In all seriousness, I have read James Kunstler's books, and appear to be the only one who has, since I'm the only one who ever mentions the positive stuff he said about the Federal Reserve in at least one of them!

Kunstler is or was a corporate environmentalist --- the type of dood who forever went to all those brunches and lunces at the major corporations extolling the big boys about the climate change --- as if they give a rat's ass!

At least Kunstler has finally discovered that the NYT is part of the PuppetMedia --- but that dood is old, after all, so he should have become clued in long, long ago!

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Russian Jews hacked the election. 1.5 million Russian Jews resettled in Israel, and due to our stupid special relationship with Israel, they were able to get key US Intel jobs.

Top Israeli Officials Were Part Of KGB Spy Ring" | Times Of Israel



Most of these Russian Jews work in the tech industry. Israel has its fingerprints on every processor made and from what I'm hearing, they may be able to shut down everyone who is using computer tech.

Talpiot program is an elite Israel Defense Forces training program, for recruits who have demonstrated outstanding academic ability in the sciences and leadership potential. Graduates of the Talpiot program pursue double higher education while serving in the army, and then utilize their expertise to further IDF research and development in technological leadership positions.[1][2] The program was inaugurated in 1979.[3]

We are all screwed Israeli style. No need to get up and resist now. Its way too late for that scenario. Best I can tell ya is to get out of the matrix. However, it is clear people will not give up their funny phones and resort to blowing smoke signals.

Trumps their Goy, I mean boy!

Every country except Israel and Saudi Arabia are in the crosshairs of the Trump administration global trade war. He is effectively gathering all the armies of the earth against the USA/Israel/Saudi coalition. Almost looks biblical, as one watches.

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So, the Israeli control US, while Russia pretty much controls Israel (since 20% of their Jewish population is coming from USSR). That sounds about right.

You may be able to take the Russian Jew out of Russian, but you will never take the Russian out of the Russian Jew.

Nevertheless, Israel has everyone by the balls because of the tech. Its all bugged and can be shut down with the flip of a switch. There is no other reason Israel is never held to account.

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