The problem with Alex Jones

Dear Readers, this article was written many years ago and never published, or mentioned in any of our books.  With the recent events that Alex Jones has been 'banned' by major social media, Apple (AAPL) and others; we felt further analysis was required.  As with anything in this world, things are not always as it seems.  

Here's the gist of this analysis.  The alt-media attacks the establishment on all fronts (and they have ample reason to be attacked).  However, logically, this doesn't make the alt-media right, or protected from some of the flaws they are exposing shown by the Establishment.  Remember, that the Establishment is really just well funded, they are people too.  There isn't likely a single individual in the Elite of the Establishment which enjoys to watch human suffering they create with their policies, but as a whole, they act with the subtle and un-agreed agreement of the group-think of the Elite. Plausible Deniability.  "We" didn't do that, we hired some company to do it, and they messed it up.

Let us finally point out this is not a personal critique of the person Alex Jones but as he has chosen the path of self-named branding, 'he' is the brand of his company and the name behind  What he does is respectable and he may very well be putting his life on the line.  In this analysis similar to a SWOT analysis, we point out his strengths (He's an excellent journalist, he has a lot of energy, and isn't afraid to tell it like it is), weaknesses (presentation of information is unprofessional, he shouts like he's announcing a boxing match, needs to relax more, doesn't have a cohesive solution to what he's presenting), opportunities (he represents a new type of media, not controlled by a central authority, similar to Bitcoin and the Blockchain), and threats (he is clearly a big target, who is being allowed to continue with his operations for various reasons).

One last question before the article - why was he using social media?  He's claiming that it's unfair big social media shut him down, but these companies - most of which are funded by CIA black ops via InQTel, have never been 'fair' - and he of all people should know this.  Why instead he didn't create his own social media empire, ?  Or his own Crypto Currency, InfoCoin?  Something really doesn't add up about this guy, you don't join facebook and build a following and talk about how facebook is crap and then are surprised when they ban you.  

Look, we are huge fans of and we love the idea, and support Alex, but he needs to re-evaluate himself and if he's going to achieve long term results.  We have our brand Global Intel Hub we invite him to join forces with us.  The problem with these big tech firms is they are all controlled by the government.  As we have pointed out in many articles, Fakebook is a scam and it's amazing the stock hasn't collapsed yet.  The only thing keeping Fakebook alive is the military apparatus behind it.

To all the lefties, liberals, cry-babies, tree-huggers, and other democrat associated patrons, you are in for a big wake up call.  The US Military is the ruling force in the world, not the banks, not the 'Establishment' unless you consider the US Military as part of the Establishment.  Since World War 2 the USG has ruled with a bigger stick principle.  They created the internet!  They created Google, Facebook, and other consumer related networks.  So Alex Jones is the one who needs to 'wake up' unless he is going to probably say he did this only as an example to show this fact to the masses how social media is a tool of Establishment control.  

The US Dollar, as we explain in our book Splitting Pennies - is backed by bombs, not by 'faith'.  

Here is our piece, written 4 years ago and not published, for various reasons but mostly, it seems counterproductive.  

Some of us have lived through many generations of alt-media, such as Matt Drudge, Jeff Rense, Art Bell, of course culminating with our favorite Zero Hedge (because of the trading and markets focus).  And so this is in support of alt media, professional feedback from fellow alters.  

The problem with Alex jones

While Alex attracts a large amount of followers, therein lies the problem and potential conflicts.  It’s not his fault, he’s playing the best game he can given his genotype and phenotype.  His efforts are commendable.   Provocateur sdf

But the problem is that those who are rational are already capable of finding information for themselves and don’t need Alex to ‘wake them up’.  The second group, believe in him the same way they believe in the establishment (or religion), without paying attention to facts.  They see him as a messiah the same way voters saw Obama as one.  Believers aren’t capable of discerning fact from fiction, they go with their ‘gut’.  Those who support Alex would say this is some intellectual low hanging fruit they are recruiting that supports the greater cause.  But what kind of attention does it attract?

But as wrong as the establishment may be, they have invested billions into forming plans for social programming and societal control.  Certainly we don’t want anarchy.  But the problem with Alex is that he doesn’t have a plan.  He’s not exactly a structured guy and doesn’t profess to be, and he offers no alternative solution.  For whatever evils you can credit the CIA with, you can’t say they aren’t professional.  Whatever faults the government has they have kept a rowdy uneducated bunch of (insert your adjective) from overthrowing the government.  What would Alex propose?  If Alex as leader what would he do?  How would he respond to this?

This is not an establishment excuse, simply, we should bear in mind the realities. 

Reality 1: Alex is not a scientist, he is a journalist.  And he started his career by forming a deal to earn a living.  There’s nothing wrong with that!  It’s completely commendable and should be encouraged.  However we need to bear this in mind as some may akin him to Gandhi or some sort of movement leader.  Alex is not a scientist and not an intellectual.  He is great at rallying crowds and screaming into a megaphone and radio mic but he never met with advisors and laid out a 10 point plan to fix the system he rails against.

Reality 2: With all the CIA’s faults they’ve maintained US dominance in last 50 years, irrespective of if we used Nazi scientists from Paperclip and dirty tricks and assassinations.  Americans shouldn’t be hypocritical, we didn’t win a lottery ticket; America rules the world with guns, bombs, and hit-men not because people love our ideals.  The US military is the only force that maintains the dominance of the US Dollar and the US economy.  Our policy is simply use the US dollar, or buy our products, or we will bomb you.  Washington feels that the public can’t handle this reality so they spend billions making horribly produced propaganda movies with Hollywood portraying the US as a bunch of hero cowboys who save the world from poverty.  They don’t mention that ‘aid’ we give to Africa that we are ‘sending’ money to foreign countries is actually in the form of ‘loans’ that we use as leverage to get resources when they can’t pay the loans back (see economic hit man, see Bolivia water situation).  Before the Iraq war Saddam was going to price oil in Euros.  While he was a target already, there are thousands of examples of this policy that DC feels we peons are not capable of handling and they may be right.  But it works.

Reality 3: The mainstream establishment for whatever reason allows Alex to live.  This means his meaning and mantra is irrelevant or supportive of their cause.  As Alex points out on his website, if you point out something extremely negative against the establishment, they will kill you.   This is all fine but why is Alex alive?  We can see hundreds of intellectual and business people who died of weird circumstances not to mention just a few Paul Wellstone, Hunter S Thompson, Matt Simmons, more recently Andrew Breitbart, founder of Reddit Aaron Schwartz, and others.. not to mention John Kennedy, Frank Olsen, and countless others too many to name here, all who have deaths which speaking forensically are not conclusive based on evidence.  But Alex is allowed to bash the establishment and expose the wrongs and so on and he has a bullhorn outside of Bilderberg “we are not your slaves” – Obviously he’s either working with them consciously or unwittingly OR what he’s promoting is completely irrelevant to their agenda, OR is some sort of smokescreen for something much deeper.  In any event, his life and existence based on circumstances is proof that his views are either wrong, irrelevant, or serve the agenda of the elite.  Breitbart, and others with damaging evidence, such as Simmons after the BP gulf spill, were immediately disappeared when it was learned they had damaging information. Alex promulgates a wide variety of information.  Are we to believe based on his living that all his information is invalid?  Matt Simmons was as those in the Oil community will attest one of the top minds in the field and once he explained what he knew about the BP spill he ended up killing himself in a bathtub.  So is all of Alex information invalid, or is he just a puppet for the establishment, or is he irrelevant?  (If he want to comment about this he should write about it he’s done enough speaking into megaphone).

Reality 4: Alex is not arrested.  He was at one point hassled by TSA they let him go.  Obviously he is allowed to continue with his deluge of information.  Is this a dispute between faction 1 / faction 2?  Does some faction want Alex to distribute this information to the public, through the means of prison planet and not conventional sources that they can claim anonymity? 

Reality 5: There are connections between Tim Leary and the CIA (LSD, etc.)  and the flower power movement that empowered a generation that some claim made modern America what it is.  If in fact Alex is a CIA shill, consciously or not, it is to the discredit of the planners.  The occupy movement of late has been peppered with government spooks including but not limited to unions (mob) rule although maybe not from the start (they came later), just as the Kochs financed the Tea Party after it took footing.  Flower power was invigorating and gave the left room to breathe and young unemployed people something to do, and they didn’t pose a threat while they were stoned and high.  But what is Alex proposing?  If Alex is akin to the new ‘leader’ of the leftovers and outcasts they really need to re-examine their policy.  The 60’s movement was highly intellectual that involved business people, academics, scientists, intellectuals, the middle class, and many others, and had a strong basic philosophy.  But at this time seeds were planted for a new world based on divide and conquer, based on race war, gender war, gang war, war on dandruff, etc.  It’s unclear how Prison Planet can even be called a movement other than it its ability to report facts mainstream media doesn’t report.  On the surface, it’s really only Alex point; this is the news you won’t see elsewhere.  But where’s the substance?  What does he propose?  Are his followers a bunch of believers?  Smart people can get the same news from other sources without all his screaming and other nonsense so it seems he’s providing a religious service to believers who ‘don’t know the truth’ which is unsettling.

Reality 6: Based on the above, they (whoever they are) obviously support Alex and his distribution of information. 

Gore Vidal is no longer with us.  Noam Chomsky is really old – maybe he live for another 30 years (we hope!)  but who is the replacement?  What intellectual force can write books like Gore Vidal like “Washington DC” and political books like “Dreaming War” and who can stand up to the likes of foes like William Buckley?  The obvious answer is no one, but we folk live in this world and will die here one way or another.  Currently we have technology that we can preserve nearly anything, but what do we have to preserve when 99% smart people are dead or dying?  If there is anyone left with a brain they should at least attempt to forage for what they can.  Alex does a great job; but his popularity is largely caused by the intellectual void that has been created by this generational shift.  Of course we don’t see Noam screaming through a megaphone at Bilderberg, and I hate to even mention them in the same sentence.  But who is taking his place?  It would be logical that because Chomsky was a teacher he should have thousands or at least hundreds of students that studied his work and at least cloned him (not that they took the next step of their own creative thinking) but if they do exist they must be living in the woods in a cabin without internet. 

A problem is where to find information?  With internet universities have even published entire course curriculums online for anyone to read.  But if you work in the fields of politics, finance, intelligence, and other disciplines that depend on real news events, you depend on news sources for research and information.  And more and more normal sources like Reuters don’t provide some really important info.  Alex is providing info you can’t get at Reuters or CNN.  But he’s no Analyst.  Chomsky was great at deep analysis of news based on political situation but bear in mind he was a linguist.  It’s similar to decline of Wall St., while traders deal with numbers all day, the recent trend of ‘bankers’ and ‘traders’ are those who are trained in ‘finance’ but not ‘mathematics’ which is really disturbing concept.  A niche of ‘quants’ has hired high level mathematicians to calculate formulas for their hedge funds, but this is the anomaly of Wall St.  Where are the Chomsky’s of today’s pop culture, intellectual culture?  Today, in publications like the Atlantic, or I dare to mention some in DC like CATO, are smart people who are paid to say what corporations tell them.  This is great for them, that’s what capitalism is all about, but where is the analysis of the topic?  It doesn’t exist.  We can’t all be geniuses like Chomsky but if anything he laid out a clear logical outline how to read and analyze the world news and political situation based on language, and no one is doing that!  In fact it’s the opposite, now reporters, academics (with very very few exceptions) and others just do what people with money tell them.  Again, it’s fine – but if we lose our intelligence because we just get paid to say what someone tells us then our brains will lose their use (use it or lose it) then who will be left to think about anything like fixing our bridges and institutions, let alone more complex challenges?  What will stop us from becoming a global society of idiots that “like money” (See Idiocracy) and just act like work Horse for the highest bidder? 

End of Article, 8/10/2018 Copyright Global Intel Hub - our Alt Media Brand

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At first I thought he was a straight up patriot. Strange, but a patriot. Then I thought he was Bill Hicks...acting as a gatekeeper for Israel and the State. Now I wonder if he wasn't created as a wildman, with the intention of getting himself and the right marginalized and banned on purpose. As a way of bringing on Chinese style censorship. It isn't likely all of them are true.

DownWithYogaPants Metalredneck Fri, 08/10/2018 - 16:07 Permalink

This author and you douche bags seem to go on all the while ignoring what?


Youtube is a veritable monopoly.  They claim safe harbor on the internet to avoid responsibility for user's post material yet they censor that which is not illegal.

Who ever this person is that went on so long writing this should be taken out and shot then hanged.  Those of you above who commented and are clever by a little too much should just be hanged.

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Michigander mikka Fri, 08/10/2018 - 18:27 Permalink

"Why does he use YouTube and Facebook anyway?"

Because most of audience is there?

And because it's free?"

Becasue thats where the new audience is. You go to where the people are. Once he's found they  know if all the other sources to access him, but if you're looking fornew converts, you go where the seedlings are.

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FEDbuster Michigander Fri, 08/10/2018 - 20:48 Permalink

Alex Jones was ignored and marginalized, until he jumped on the Trump Train.  His barbs and arrows never really did anything to the establishment, they wrote him off as a kook.  His undying support of Trump (about two months into Trump's campaign) and hatred of the Clintons became a problem for the establishment.  Now with the mid terms approaching, they had to try to shut him up.  Problem is, that has backfired big time.  The Infowars app has been the number one downloaded news app for the past week.  More people have their app than FOX or CNN.  His audience will grow, and the Left will suffer.

Alex brought in Roger Stone to Infowars prior to the election, now Stone is a regular host of Infowars.  Soon the October Surprise will create the biggest scandal in American political history.  The use of the FBI, CIA and NSA to try and take down candidate and President Donald Trump by Obama and the Clintons will finally be exposed.  Alex Jones along with others will be vindicated in their analysis of what has really happened.  The Left will wish they never had heard of Alex Jones, Sean Hannity, Dan Bongino and all the others who haven't let this story die. 

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Save_America1st VideoEng_NC Fri, 08/10/2018 - 23:07 Permalink

There is no problem with Alex Jones.  How badly could this guy be missing the whole fucking point?????  I hope the author reads this:

Alex has ALWAYS said that he uses those platforms to use it against the cabal.  He knew it was a necessary evil...he knew it better than anybody else years before most people woke up in their own ways to the tyranny of this entire surveillance system.  He has stated this a thousand times (yes I counted every time) haha. j/k

Using the enemy platforms to broadcast the truth all over the world was his strategy all along.  It's what blew him up to becoming so huge the last several years even though he started out as just a small-timer locally 20 years ago.

Hey...nobody else has had the guts, knowledge, foresight and ability that he has in all this time.  Nobody has pushed the edge like  he has and nobody gives him credit for it.  I sure always have though.  And because of what he has done I know very well that I've been able to "wake up" dozens of people over the past 15 years or so. 

That might not seem like a lot...and maybe it isn't and maybe others have done more to wake up hundreds or thousands more in their own ways.  But that's the fucking point of it all right?  And that's why he was using the enemy platforms against them.  And his method has inspired probably 10's of thousands of others to do their own little shows and channels online.  No doubt about that.

Do you think he was surprised (or even really cares very much???) that they have banned him???  He pushed it this far on purpose.

He knows and we all know that he wasn't banned because of what stupid bullshit reasons they used to ban him for.  He was banned for the MILLIONS of other reasons that they won't talk about.  It was because of the MILLIONS of people he was getting the truth to about 100's of other topics that these scumbags don't want the sheeple to hear about all over the world.

He also knew that once he got big enough to push them into this corner that they would ban him.  He did it on purpose because he has always known that once these scumbags exposed themselves as the tyrannical, evil, scumbags that they are by banning him that it would vault him over the top.  He will soon be the biggest thing that the world follows exactly because these platforms jumped the shark and all banned him at the same time or even at all.

All the lies they tried to use against him before banning him will now be wiped out and by banning him they just legitimized him to millions of people around the world who weren't "awake" yet.  Now they will be!!!

This is how you beat the cabal.  Only people like Alex have always understood that.  Fuck, he talked about it all the's the old Star Wars metaphor.  Once you strike the good guy down he comes back stronger than ever.

You NEVER make a martyr out of your enemy.  As soon as you do it's game over.  You saw Braveheart right????  lol  Perfect example!

or how about this one?

Those get me fired up every fucking time ;-)

Believe it...Alex isn't hurting from this at all.  Soon it will get bigger than maybe even he imagined for InfoWars.

And once Trump (and friends) take down this world-wide cabal of satanic traitors against humanity it will even make InfoWars and Alex and crew even more legitimate.  This will be the ultimate end of what we've always known as "main stream media".

They're dead and they know it. 

And this will also pave the way wide fucking open for new media platforms to counteract Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube. is the new replacement for Twitter just started and could be a huge replacement for Youtube, along with several other video platforms.

And as for replacing Fakebook/Fraudbook????  Who knows.  I think that entire type of system will end up getting rejected.  It's too invasive to people's lives.

People are going to shift away from the lure of that kinda bullshit where they post everything about themselves on all these social media platforms.

In a few years, privacy is going to be so coveted once again that the next generations growing up are totally going to hate all that shit and they will reject it.  They will value privacy more than anything and it will all shift away.

Facebook will be dead.  Maybe so will most other things on the internet as far as publicizing ourselves out there like that.  People will fight back against the tracking, spying, surveillance, etc. that is destroying trust in everything and ruining society.

So don't worry about Alex Jones and InfoWars.  He's been 10 steps ahead of all these assholes for the past 15 years and even if they kill him it's too late now.  Just like Obi Wan...his legacy will come back exponentially stronger in millions of people who will forever now be awake and who will continue to pass it all on to the next people.

Banning Alex means he finally succeeded in his ultimate goal of mass world-wide awakening. 

He's fucking LOVING it right now and he should.  He finally broke the backs of these fuckers and exposed them into the sunlight.

Game over bitchez!!!!!


By the way...too much bullshit in this article to even waste my time bothering with disputing.  It's all worthless.  But I'll pull one little snippet from the article to rest my case with:

"he needs to re-evaluate himself and if he's going to achieve long term results."


He's the first ever to get nearly universally banned by these scumbags across all their disgusting platforms!  Mission accomplished bitchez!!!  Keep going!!!  Now they're really on the run!!!

He's been at this for 20+ years and he's only like what, 45?  I dunno...he's a couple years younger than me I think.  But I would say in terms of media and with what he has done and will keep on doing in HIS own pioneering way...he has already achieved "long term results".  He certainly doesn't need any advice from the author of this article...geez.

He has achieved probably more results for the enlightenment of the world than anyone else, ever...yeah ever.  His operation is bigger than everything else on the planet other than maybe Fox News.  And he doesn't get millions of dollars for free from the fucking corrupt government like all the propaganda media does.  Like Wash Post got 500 million via the CIA.  Like PBS gets hundreds of millions for nobody to watch their lame bullshit.

He makes his money on his own from his listener base.  Yeah, I'm one of them obviously, and I buy all kinds of good stuff from the Infowars store.  so fucking sue me. haha

But name any another person on the planet (USA having the most dominant internet presence world wide) who has done it the way he has.  Rush?  Yeah, Rush has kicked ass for 30 years.  Don't know where our Republic would be without him doing this thing every day for 3 hours a day prime time for 30 years.  True patriot.

But Rush stays completely away from what Alex covers.  He actually never even mentions Alex's name in any way.  They have a thing that they deliberately stay completely separated in terms of competition or partnership.  Totally separate shows.

And Rush isn't taking the same risks by FAR.  Never has.  So who else the???  Glenn Beck???  Ha!!!  That's a laugh to even put Beck in the same post with Alex.  Beck sold out.  He maybe had something going there for a few years a while back, but he definitely sold out and I completely turned my back on that guy.  He's utterly worthless now.

Who else???  Name a name...anybody?  Art Bell or George Noory would come to mind.  But they covered other things that Alex doesn't...conspiracy stuff with UFO's, bigfoot, etc. among also many similar subjects.  But they weren't prime time in the USA.  They were after dark overnight for the night owl folks between midnight and 3 am.  And I think they were/are 2 of the greatest ever!  But still they aren't Alex Jones or InfoWars. 

NOBODY on this planet has created a show independently as huge as InfoWars and now multiple shows with David Knight and Owen Shroyer who cover so many topics and provide prime time 3 hour shows for multiple high-level guests to talk about their particular fields of interest or expertise other than Alex and InfoWars have over the past 10 to 20 years.  NOBODY.

And that's why he is being banned.  Because that crew hits the NWO scumbags right where it hurts day in and day out while using their own authoritarian platforms against them to reach hundreds of millions of people world-wide.



That's the key question everyone should be asking themselves...."what can I do to get banned from Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or whatever else???????"

Because if you aren't getting banned then you aren't over the target.  You aren't a threat to them.  You don't mean shit to them.  You aren't doing enough, saying enough truth, getting yourself out there enough to make a big enough difference enough to these FUCKING SCUMBAGS to get banned.  That's why. 

Alex isn't the fucking problem people.  Don't you or the author get it yet?????  He just spelled it out for you.  Just dialed you right in on the fucking formula. 

ALEX ISN'T THE PROBLEM...HE'S THE FUCKING SOLUTION!!!!  He's the solution to these tyrannical satanic traitors.

So run with it!  Don't waste your time (probably days week and months) writing this stupid bullshit article that you say you wrote a long time ago but didn't have the BALLZ to publish until now.  Fuck you (by the way) for that. 

This whole rebuttal I'm posting only took me about 15 minutes to write and that's just to hopefully make it as grammatically correct as possible after 3 to 7 really tasty beers.  HAHA ;-)

Don't fucking question Alex after all this time like this.  Follow his fucking LEAD!  You know the old saying....LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUTTA THE WAY. 

Alex doesn't need to change a fucking thing that he's doing.  Being banned has only validated his method, plan, and strategy that he's been going by for 20+ years.  Who is this A-hole to question Alex????  He needs to keep doing what he's doing and keep up the pressure.  He's the tip of the spear and that's why they lashed out and exposed themselves.  That's when you keep going for the kill and I hope we're all along for the ride when these scumbags world-wide are all taken down for their crimes.  And Alex will have been one of the biggest factors to have helped take them down. 

Anyone in the alt-media (now more accurately main stream media compared to the dinosaur, presstitute, state-run, propaganda media) should be asking themselves what they can do to follow Alex's lead and get themselves banned as soon as possible.  If you consider yourself "big-time" out there with a website or youtube channel, whatever...and you aren't pushing the edge hard enough now to get banned (now that you know the formula thanks to Alex), then what the fuck are you doing?  Are you doing what this author is doing by questioning Alex's method??????   HAHAHA  Nice try...and you won't go anywhere with that lame pussy strategy.  You'll crumble to nothing like Glenn Beck has.

I'm not saying people like Rush or Levin, or those types need to change.  They are huge already and have their "nitch".  But the rest of you out there better step up you "online game" if you wanna make a difference.

Alex just upped the bar so fucking high for the good of everyone else in order to show you all how to take on the cabal.

don't squander it now by question his fucking methods.  Be true to what you want to put out there like he has and don't back down. 

Get yourself fucking fucking awesome would that be????  then take all your new millions of followers over to the new replacement platforms and leave those old scumbag platforms behind in the dustbin of tyrannical history.

Plain and fucking simple.

bitchez  ;-)

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Dude-dude Save_America1st Sat, 08/11/2018 - 04:07 Permalink

Trump has Jones' back.  He can't be overt about that - but trust me Alex is protected.  TPTB think they played him and took out knight from the board - but their playbook is getting old and predictable: (1) ignore the enemy (2) try to buy-out the enemy (3) defame & discredit the enemy (4) threaten the enemy (5) silence the enemy. 

I don't know why they still think that works.  Peoples' curiosity is always peaked by that which becomes forbidden.   

Last night I kept typing 'Alex Jones' and hitting enter on the youtube search bar (did you know the order of videos sometimes changes)?  Tonight, I want to just keep typing Alex Jones until the space in the search bar runs out - copy, press enter, paste, press enter, paste press enter etc. etc.  Then repeat on the Google search engine.  If we can't get our assess off the desk chair, and it hasn't come to a shooting fight yet, might as well protest and torment the enemy in ways we can.  That's my way.  It isn't much.  People need to find their way.

I'll be honest, I can't listen to Alex Jones too long on any given sitting: his gravel voice, hyperbole, and frequent repetition offends my ears after a 15 or 20 minutes.  I prefer to read the news stories posted on Infowars or listen to Paul Joseph Watson / Mark Dice instead - who I wouldn't have heard of if not for Jones and Infowars. 

Jones has been right about a lot of things.  Because of my position, people get surprised when I tell them that - but I haven't been harassed for saying it ((yet)).  Absent counter-voices, critical thinkers, critical writers etc. you get Soviet Pravda or the Great Firewall of China.  Somehow the statement many of us learned in high school: "I disapprove of what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it!" (The Friends of Voltaire) has become lost on too many people.  They don't read the classics to understand that.  Many don't even know what happened in 1776.  Here's my shout out to Alex: 1776 is the answer to 1984.  It is time people not only woke up, but also started to educate themselves proper.     

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Save_America1st Dude-dude Sat, 08/11/2018 - 04:23 Permalink

you bet, man.. I'm with ya.  And hey...Alex has never had to be right...right???  Has he???  Nope.  The propaganda media has never been we know thanks to Alex that they've been not just wrong but have also been spewing bullshit propaganda across the the board, right??? 

So don't look up Alex Jones on the youtubes anymore.  For can find his shows by looking up:

Alice Jones or Alice Jones In Wonderland

there might be others that I don't know about.

Do you know about Q ?  Most people don't seem to but I will tell you if you want


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Dude-dude Save_America1st Sat, 08/11/2018 - 05:07 Permalink

I've read some of Q-Anon posts. I check it out sometimes. Interesting.  But, people seem to be making him into a God when he clearly is not.  I've found the wording of his questions are not the way inside dudes would write like.  They definitely don't ask questions in random order - which is a red flag.  I don't easily trust new sensations, and while some people seem to think he is very connected or even someone inside, I have my doubts.  

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jin187 Save_America1st Sat, 08/11/2018 - 06:01 Permalink

I don't need to get myself banned, because I don't use any of that shit besides Youtube.

As for Alex getting banned, the jury is still out on whether it'll work in the long run.  Remember Glenn Beck took over the top spot for quite awhile, even beating out Rush for a couple of years.  Now it's all crumbling, just like you said.  After taking his ball, and leaving the big networks, the Blaze is pretty much the conservative equivalent of Air America.

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Bendromeda Strain jin187 Sat, 08/11/2018 - 11:08 Permalink

Glenn Beck finally outed himself as the unprincipled opportunist that he is. He did some good work on Headline News  and got me interested in seeking information. I saw through him before his meltdown. Besides, Mormons are grossly deluded people.

The folks who wrote the article above (GIH) are not the people to be looking to for salient information on this subject. Their omissions are on par with something I would expect from Big Media. You talk about suspicious deaths and include bizarre examples while neglecting Michael Hastings? (Pro tip - get yourselves over to Corbett Report, and download the entire Requiem for the Suicided series, stat!) 

You want to talk about "CIA flower power" and miss an opportunity to introduce readers to Dave McGowan? Poor, or should I say, SAD! (lol). Do your homework if you want to be taken seriously.

People who want to read good work on the subject of Jones' should read Jon Rappoport's three part breakdown:…


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snblitz Michigander Sat, 08/11/2018 - 00:54 Permalink

Why does he use YouTube and Facebook anyway?"

Alex Jones is on 200+ radio stations and 500+ TV stations.   He goes on youtube and facebook to reach the people there.

You will sometimes hear him say "tommorrow's news today", or "next years news today".  If you listen to him long enough you will start to experience what he is referring to.

He asks the questions that everyone is thinking but is afraid to ask.   His reporters go where the action is and right into it unlike the MSM.  The people that are in the news are often on his show.

The truly amazing thing is the never ending and shear volume  of lies the entirety of MSM and government tell about him.

If you are taking flak, you are over the target.

They are not pissed at him for all his crazy comments.  They hate him because he gets too close to the truth and people recognize it.

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SybilDefense Michigander Sat, 08/11/2018 - 02:43 Permalink

Use of FB/YT:  If you want to hit a pinata, its best to swing your stick in Mexico.

Why fish in the ocean, when you are standing next to a barrel full.

On Being Crass:  Alex's megaphone is necessary.  In the beginning, it takes a bit of hoopolah and ummph to push most into the rabbit hole.  Dire circumstances require dire circumstance.

AJ:   One of my top 10 dudes I want to have a drink with (#1 was Lord Stanley, in '92)

Cheers to you Mr Jones

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zedwood DownWithYogaPants Fri, 08/10/2018 - 17:06 Permalink

Any laws made to force YouTube to allow "Free Speech" is just a way to ensure that YouTube is officially sanctioned as the de-facto video streaming standard.  Do we really want to do that?  Why not let them die on the vine and go with another source that isn't already part of the intelligence/military complex?  We don't need to get Alex Jones back on YouTube, we need to make YouTube extinct.

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Singelguy El Oregonian Fri, 08/10/2018 - 17:54 Permalink

Bell telephone was a monopoly and therefore deemed a public utility makng it subject the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. At this point, the big social media companies are still private companies so they can do what they like. Until they are deemed monopolies and declared publc utilities, there is little legally than be done. Since they are all funded by the CIA and NSA, there is fat chance that anything will change.

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el buitre Singelguy Fri, 08/10/2018 - 21:12 Permalink

There isn't likely a single individual in the Elite of the Establishment which enjoys to watch human suffering they create with their policies,

I stopped reading right there.  This author dork doesn't have the slightest clue concerning psychopathy and Luciferianism and its pervasiveness among our Owners.

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snblitz Singelguy Sat, 08/11/2018 - 01:03 Permalink

It all has to do with common carrier law.  Which started with package carriers.

Under common carrier the package carrier is not liable for what is in the package so long as he does not look inside **and** offers his services equally to all.

Google, facebook, and twitters users defame people all the time.  Without 'common carrier' protections the social media giants could be sued and held responsible.

The social giants want there cake and to eat it to.

They want the common carrier liability protections but they also want to look inside the packages and not treat customers equally.  They have in effect created their own little lawless world where their rules are the only rules.  You can't sue them, and they and their users can defame you, or shut you out.

Go ahead and sue facebook for someone defaming you on their platform.  facebook will quickly hide behind common carrier law, even though they do not qualify for the exemption due to their looking inside the package.

Facebook is a criminal organization operating entirely outside the law committing millions of crimes ever day.

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bobsmith5 zedwood Fri, 08/10/2018 - 22:07 Permalink

No!  We need to divest the owners of YouTube (Google) and sue them for Antitrust, monopoly, and First Amendment rights violations as well as their own "Terms Of Service" contract with every user promising a free speech platform.

  YouTube is much to big to just destroy.  It is the modern utility equivalent to the Bell Telephone and Telegraph and other giant corporations providing a means of mass communication and therefore must be subject to strong government regulations to protect the First Amendment rights of everyone who uses them.

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jin187 zedwood Sat, 08/11/2018 - 06:08 Permalink

Because as soon as we all leave Youtube, and go to "another source that isn't already part of the intelligence/military complex", all the tinfoil hat guys will say that was (((their))) evil plan all along, and the new place is the real Jeluminberg MIC black op.  Then what, we'll go to another one?

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Abaco zedwood Sat, 08/11/2018 - 08:43 Permalink

That could work if the media market was anything close to a fair market.  It isn't. Over the air broadcasting uses the airwaves that a controlled by government licenses. Google, Facebook, twitter all given a boost of public funding for a very long time. They can be subsidized by the gov as long as the gov approves.

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mc888 DownWithYogaPants Fri, 08/10/2018 - 18:09 Permalink

Youtube is a veritable monopoly.  They claim safe harbor on the internet to avoid responsibility for user's post material yet they censor that which is not illegal.

If nothing else, it forces public scrutiny and debate of the 'platform vs publisher' argument. Two different legal standings, two different sets of regulations. They can't have it both ways.

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Mad Muppet DownWithYogaPants Fri, 08/10/2018 - 19:01 Permalink

This author and you douche bags seem to go on all the while ignoring what?



I'm not ignoring that issue...the question has already been answered. Online there is no free speech. Big Tech can censor at will.That is perfectly clear. And our Government has said and done nothing. My question is whether AJ is an innocent patriot, a useful idiot, or an agent provacateur. His red-in-the-face screaming rants are 100% affected and phony. Are they used to affect an outrage, or ar ethey to make the alt-right look totally insane. If so, it works. Clearly he's a psy-op, but whose, and what it the desired outcome? To catalog and watch his followers? To provoke alt-right violence and end the 2A? Distraction?  To demonize and dehumanize the right in order to get the left to kill a bunch of them?

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globalintelhub DownWithYogaPants Fri, 08/10/2018 - 21:21 Permalink

Your argument is invalid.  When you choose to use a private network, owned by a corporation, YOU GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH. 

FREE SPEECH would apply if you setup your own PooTube and say whatever crap you want and the government shut you down.  Guess what?  That hasn't happened yet.  The internet isn't censored.  It's free.  Zero Hedge is a bright example. 

Silk Road was shut down because they were trading illegal contraband.  FREE SPEECH doesn't apply in several cases, for example if you yell 'fire' in a theater and someone is injured.  Or if you talk about 'hate crimes' which can be anything now.

Here is where 80% of people like you just don't get it.  When you use a privately owned website they set the rules.  Imagine if you go into someone's house and start telling them they are stupid.  They have the right to kick you out for trespassing.  Same applies here.  YouTube has every right to close every account if they choose - it's their network!  They can run it how they want.


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Kan globalintelhub Fri, 08/10/2018 - 21:51 Permalink

That is cute, and if the ONLY option is that private network, because it owns 95% of the market???  Hmm.. So you start a business but because the big 500mil city wont let you in, you get to startup on the street corner of BFE that has population of 500.. Good luck feeding yourself. 

At this point your really discussing Monopoly use of Monopoly power.


Wait till all those toll roads the elite slave owners forced into America, to make the great Mexico toll trucking lane happen, gets used against you..  Then perhaps you will see a different perspective..


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DuneCreature DownWithYogaPants Sat, 08/11/2018 - 11:03 Permalink

I agree, Down.

Lots of sanctimonious mis-direction in that Deep State propaganda piece.

This IS all about FREE SPEECH. ..... I don't care how retarded that speech sounds to anyone. .. Especially the assholes in academia.

If you want a doze of Deep State bull shit and propaganda that these jackasses think they are fooling everyone with, listen to Tom Lipscomb (former NYT editor in chief, I think.) on this Jason Goodman & Charles Ortel interview ..... Lipscomb sounds exactly like a cross between my pet CIA 'spook hambone fetcher' handler asshole, (The one I call, Yo'semite Sam), and Mr. Big Invisible Attorney Dragon Head (who is GWB's personal legal adviser, BTW). ... Both are full of all the 'insider info' and sound cock sure they know what's going on and are telling it all to you so you can 'act intelligently'. ... Lots of mis-direction and mis-leading intel from all three. ....  They are doing everything in their power to convince people that the JFK murder was a mafia hit, that 911 was OBL's doing, that the Israelis are swell folks who just want a peaceful little homeland in the Middle East, that Comey was a patsy for a scant few 'rogue elements' in the CIA/IC, that ISIS is Erdogan's creation and that the Russians put Trump in office, etc.. .....

The Deep State is pulling out all of the damage control heavy weights they buy cab fare for. ........

What a bunch of lying sacks of shit. .. Including Global Intel Hub.

One thing you will note about all of these deceitful assholes. .. They think the legal (US court system) establishment is their 'Shield and sword'. ... If you can't 'prove' a case against them in courtroom (A room they control, BTW) that they can do anything they can think of extralegally and get away with, and that there will never be a cost or risk to them.

That will work for them until the pitchforks come out.

Live Hard, If Any Of Us Peons Can Remember How To Use A Pitchfork Without Stabbing Ourselves In The Foot With It, Die Free

~ DC v10.06

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yvhmer Mad Muppet Sat, 08/11/2018 - 06:24 Permalink

I went through the same thought process, and admittedly took into account many of the issues raised in the article. 

But there is something not really touched on here. 

Waking up has several paths. For some it is the instant realisation, there it is: gruesome and big. For others it is a gradual learning process. The eyelids go open. Slowly.  The brain is still not realising it is waking up,  you have not even an idea of where you are! It is not even disorientation , where, when, even with whom, is completely irrelevant. All that is relevant is: I feel good, and that's it. 

And of ourselves, anything in between.  Then there are those who use it as a stepping stone, learning more, researching themselves, learning to make their own mind up.

And then there are those who simply like to be spoon-fed. It comes to them easy. And once it no longer exist, they simply move on to the next best thing. All these people do is consume. 

They can be emotionally manipulated, bit do not expect a 1776 style revolution. They may pay for dinner some day, though, to help a patriot out. 

So, what is the secret of Alex Jones? Understand who is audience is, and you understand what he is doing. 


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The Management Fri, 08/10/2018 - 15:45 Permalink

The articles entire SWOT premise is bullshit.

His attractiveness is his style to people tired of polished turds like CNN.

He is by no means a great journalist, just persistent.

(Globalintelhub) indeed!