Unusual Stock Activity August 10th

Live Market Coverage begins at 9:30 ET and ends at 11:00 ET 


The Feed Provides real-time updates on Unusual Volume activity taking place in the major US stock indices.  

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What is Unusual Activity?

Unusual Activity for our purpose is short-term volume spike in the 3rd Standard Deviation (i.e. greater than 99.7% of regular trading for that particular stock). This helps to find trading events that have a higher probability of increased short-term volatility. 


What does Volume percentage tell us?

Historical comparison of trading for this particular stock, only activities in the 99.7 percentile are highlighted. Extremes.


What does Strength mean?

Strength is a culmination of multiple other technical indicators as an overall view. 


Why only 9:30 to 11:00 ET

We've found in our analysis that the reliability of Unusual Activity is greatest in the first 90 mins of trading, this is the time of greatest volume from market moving participants. Thus no alerts after 11 ET so that focus is given only to the highest probability analysis. 


What do the grey numbers represent?

These are the number of alerts that day for that particular stock, the greater the number, the higher the Unusual Activity in that stock. 

Any questions? Please ask and well add to the FAQ