Listen To "Lowlife" Omarosa's Secret Recording Of John Kelly Firing Her From The White House

Two days after Omarosa Manigault-Newman was caught in a lie about whether she heard President Trump use the N-word, the former White House aide and Apprentice contestant appeared on NBC's Meet the Press with Chuck Todd on Sunday while peddling her new book, Unhinged, where she released a secret recording of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly firing her, citing "integrity issues." 

Manigault-Newman was abruptly canned from the White House in December, with the Wall Street Journal reporting that she had to be "physically dragged and escorted off the campus." 

And while Kelly may take some heat for his "we can do this the easy way or the hard way" rhetoric, the internet immediately picked up on a far more shocking fact; Omarosa says she recorded Kelly in the situation room, which is a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility), a room in which all personnel are supposed to surrender all recording, photographic and other electronic media devices. 

The most famous SCIF is probably the White House situation room, where presidents have deliberated the country’s most important military and foreign policy decisions. -NBC News

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer called Manigault-Newman's taping "a massive violation of every security protocol." 

 “She taped the chief of staff for the White House in the situation room, clearly a violation of every security protocol that she signed when she applied for a security clearance,” Spicer said on "Fox News Sunday."

A number of lawyers in the national security community and journalists were quick to point out that the recording should not have happened, given electronics are not allowed to enter the situation room.

Trump's legislative director Marc Short said on ABC Sunday that the recording was "quite an affront." -The Hill

But wait...

Speaking with a crowd on Saturday, President Trump called Manigault-Newman a "lowlife" when asked if he felt betrayed by the former aide. White House staff, meanwhile, have slammed Omarosa as a "disgruntled former White House employee" trying to "profit off these false attacks." 

Perhaps Omarosa's book sales will fund any upcoming legal expenses?

Even former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen, who is on the outs with the President, called Omarosa out for lying in her new book. Needless to say, things aren't going well now that her 15 minutes are up.