Twitter To "Suspend Accounts For Trying To Evade Suspension"

Having seemingly distracted the world, briefly, from being caught 'shadowbanning' conservatives (or should we say "using quality filters"), by outright-banning other right-leaning individuals (Alex Jones and Peter van Buren forever; and Candace Owen and Ron Paul Institute's Daniel McAdams temporarily), it appears Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey has a cunning plan for purging the rest of the world's naysayers from his platform.

It's simple - according to the latest tweet from @TwitterSafety - Twitter will suspend you for trying not to be suspended...

Which sounds like a dragnet or one-strike rule.

And rather than be careful in its suspension, it is relying on you to claim back your account status should you feel aggrieved...

One wonders if this sudden more harsh crackdown is due to pressure from the left after Dorsey appeared to be getting cozier with a number of 'rightists'?

We leave it to Nigel Farage to sum things up: writing in a scathing op-ed last Tuesday, the former UKIP leader blasted that "while many on the libertarian right and within the conservative movement have their issues with Alex Jones and InfoWars, this week’s announcement by YouTube, Facebook, Apple, and Spotify represents a concerted effort of proscription and censorship that could just as soon see any of us confined to the dustbin of social media history."

He concludes that the real interference in "US democracy" comes not from Russia, but from some of its most powerful corporations which now yield more power in some cases than the government itself:

"This isn’t “liberal democracy” as they keep pretending. It’s autocracy."

"...for those that don’t take issue with the latest censorship of right-wingers by big social media -- unless we take a stand now, who knows where it could end."