Were UFO Hunters Foiled Again After "Huge Spacecraft" Video Went Viral?

A YouTube video posted earlier this year has gained international attention after it was picked up and reposted last week on UFO and British tabloid websites, said The Charlotte Observer.

The footage, recorded May 29 by “Jason Swing,” shows a long tubular object hovering for more than two minutes over North Carolina’s Lake Norman, north of Charlotte.

Swing called the object “a spacecraft” at the beginning of his video.

“It had been raining all morning. Rain finally stopped so we went (to) pick up a boat from Lake Norman,” Swing wrote in the about section of the video. “When (I) came around the corner I saw this thing sitting still very close.”

Swing’s extremely shaky cellphone video went unnoticed for weeks and even months on end but gained international attention after being featured in two British tabloids and Russia’s Sputnik News.

Comments on Swing’s video have ranged from mockery to support for the UFO theory.

According to a Goodyear tweet, the Goodyear blimp was reportedly circling the region on May 29, for NASCAR’s Coca-Cola 600 race.

Since the video went viral, social media trolls have not been kind to Swing, with many criticizing his amateurish video work. One user even said it looked like Swing was recording the object “while jumping on a Pogostick.”

“So annoying that people can’t film properly. I get that they are scared, but this is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” user Tom Brown wrote.

“A line in the sky can’t be that scary. [It] wasn’t moving or flashing lights [and] there was no indication that it was alien and not some kind of craft made by humans. Who knows. Wish people would film things properly these days. It’s 2018 and we can’t even get a good UFO video. Ah well until we get true disclosure nothing will ever change.”

Here are some comments from the YouTube video (unedited):

  • “Yes, we have many of them here. Among other things we’ve seen here. There is more going on than you know.”

  • “How difficult it is to stand on an empty road and hold the freakin’ phone right?”

  • “Also known as the Goodyear blimp. Real common to that area — like most anytime there is a game or race at the speedway about thirty miles south of Lake Norman. I, myself, have spoken to blimp aliens. They are an impressive life form, but for some odd reason they refused to take me aboard their mother ship.”

  • “So irritating when someone is incapable of keeping their phone the least bit still. Wish I had the last two minutes of my life back.”

  • “I suspect hoax and a scam due to the SHORT nature of the video and the OVERLY SHAKY cam that can only be intentional.”

  • “It was terrifying. His shaking made me want to call 911 for him.”

  • “Just a passenger jet coming out of Charlotte Douglas Airport. Flying low (below the cloud deck) on northbound track from airport. See this all the time up there. Look at the tops of the trees and bushes each time the video shows the plane and you see that it is steadily moving left to right. Going to look like hovering and slow movement since it is about 4 miles away.”