Not The Onion: Southwest To Allow Miniature Horses As 'Emotional Support Animals'

Southwest Airlines has revamped their policy for travelers who need to fly with unconventional "emotional support animals," following similar moves by JetBlue, United, American and Delta - which have all cracked down on those traveling with everything from motherfu*king therapy snakes, to supportive spiders, to peacocks trained to stow one's emotional baggage. Cats and dogs are still allowed. 

One animal Southwest hasn't restricted, however, is miniature horses. Because why not? 

Each passenger will be allowed one Emotional Support Animal (ESA) - which we imagine will be the ultimate Sophie's Choice for those hoping to smuggle their emotional ant farms past security. Also, a note from a licensed medical doctor or mental health professional will be required on the day of departure. 

For everyone not bringing an emotional support cat, dog, or miniature horse - looks like you're just going to have to go to your happy place - or take a road trip.