Free speech and Oligopoly


Do you believe in free will?  Fate?

Do you believe in Free Speech?  What is Free Speech? 

Armchair intellectuals love to throw words around like “Free Speech” and “Democracy” knowing little about what they mean.  We have globally become a culture of sound bites (nam nam nam), defined by the 280-character limit on Twitter.  If you can’t tweet it, don’t bother.  Who cares.  Do you know what is the difference between ignorance and apathy?  I don’t know, and I don’t care. 

Recently we wrote about the problem facing Alex Jones and his use of privately owned corporate networks.  It was claimed that Google is in violation of ‘free speech.’  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We will explain in this article, the thin nuances of what is ‘free speech’ and ‘freedom’ in the Capitalist society we live.

The situation in the world now is that big business, you can call it international monopoly, has dominated every aspect of society. 

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When you get internet access, you agree to the terms and conditions.  When you visit and use a website, whether it is Google, YouTube, Twitter, or Wikipedia, you agree to their terms.  It’s not your own.  You don’t own it.  It’s not your backyard project.  On your own property, and with things you own, you can do what you want.  This is critical for understanding what is free speech.

Some grounds in the United States are considered ‘common’ like public streets for example, parks, and other designated areas.  On private property, whether it be real estate, streets, roads, bridges, islands, buildings, or event tents, different rules apply.  Maybe you have to wear a hat.  Did you notice that the more sophisticated an organization the more complex the hats are? 

So when you go to Zero Hedge which is a relatively free site, you are subject to ads.  So what?  They are making money from it.  It affords them the freedom to allow writing like this.  MSM will never allow certain information to be posted.  Click the ads!  Support Zero Hedge! 

So here’s the big thing to understand.  We all here support Zero Hedge.  If one was to start a campaign to attack Zero Hedge – why should they support it?  It’s like, if you come to my business, my café, and start telling customers there are rats in the kitchen and your child died from food poisoning.  I mean really.  And people like Alex Jones are surprised when they are terminated?  These are private networks.  Start your own network! 

As much as there is government oppression in USA and there clearly is, it is much less invasive than in Europe, than in China for example where there are Freaking internet police!  In China there is a special police unit that watches what you search online and if you violate their policies you will be in PRISON!!!!!!  Can people understand this? 

In China there is a subculture of people who watch NBA basketball illegally using some hacked satellite system.  Remember the days in the 90s with the ‘free cable’ black boxes where you could get HBO and whatever all for just the cost of the illegal box?  It’s like that, but the difference is, if you are caught in China, you may die in prison. 

So this author had a friend in China, his next door neighbor is serving a life sentence for VIEWING A SITE ABOUT BINARY OPTIONS.  He didn’t invest, just looked – and sent to a few friends.  Point is, in USA we don’t have internet police, but we have a group of people who complain about Owellian Survellience.  Super! 

In China, and may places, there is no Zero Hedge, no Drudge Report or Rense, no Global Intel Hub..  Alternative voices like Noam Chomsky are repressed or eliminated.  So in that respect USA is really a bastion of freedom.  HOWEVER, does big brother use the excuse of ‘protecting freedom’ as an excuse to expand their powers and bomb brown people?  Absolutely.  But we need to bear in mind, that USA is really a free place – when you understand what it is.  USA is a Capitalistic society.  If you own a property, no matter what the value – you can do what you want.  If you have a domain name for example, like youtube or for example (anything) – you can do what you want!  

So big business interests have hijacked (or bought you might say) 99% of our society.  They bought politics, they bought families, they bought healthcare – because they are free to do so.  Freedom has a big catch22 – in that if you have money you are free to buy anything you want, including freedom itself.  So we are slaves only to those who have bought our minds.  But it’s our choice. 

For example, they bought the vote.  So what?  Still most Americans don’t vote, don’t care.  They control you via TV – so what?  There are those who live without this.  The fact is that on your own property you can really do what you want.  And if you are a homeless bum with no assets, you still  have a number of rights and don’t give me this BS about cities trampling on rights of bums – there are still plenty of towns where homeless people can get shelter, food, clothing – all for free.  At all ends of the spectrum there is freedom and free rides.  There’s just a whomp of free crap out there.

So here’s the point – enjoy your freedom.  Don’t complain about it.  America is freer than most of the world.  If you yell ‘fire’ in a movie theater it’s illegal, you can’t talk about shooting the President or if you talk about killing anyone it’s potentially an offense.  So what?

Oligopoly controls their networks, in Russia this is called ‘mafia’ – but they don’t force you to make any choices, there are no chains around your neck.  There’s nothing stopping Alex Jones from starting his own Crypto Currency, his own social media.  Go for it! 

Let’s try one last analogy to explain what is freedom.  I have the right to punch you in the face.  But the police have the right to arrest me for assault!  If the rules are fair or not, we can argue in court in front of a judge. 

Does big money twist the rules in their favor?  Of course, they do!  But the only way to compete with them, is to play their game.  Complaining about it, isn’t going to get you anywhere.  It’s like my grandpa said you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which fills up first.

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