Powerful 7.3 Earthquake Strikes Coast Of Venezuela

A powerful 7.3 earthquake struck Sucre, Venezuela on Tuesday at 5:31 p.m. local time on Tuesday, at a depth of 76 miles according to the USGS. 

The USGS estimates a 43% chance that up to 100 people are dead, and a 19% chance of up to 1,000 fatalities. No word from the town of Carúpano, which sits 23.9 miles from the epicenter and has a population of 112,000. 


Venezuela interior minister Nestor Reverol, speaking on state television, said the earthquake was felt in states including Bolivar, Monagas, Delta Amacuro and Nueva Esparta. No victims have been reported so far. 

According to  tracking organization EMSC-CSEMresidents hundreds of miles away reported "Unbelievably long and strong quake. Worst I ever felt. Must have lasted about 2 minutes." 

A resident of Christchurch, Barbedos - 280 miles away wrote: "Heard drapes moving n then felt bed gently moving. It was very very gentle. But I felt it. Christ church Barbados."

A resident of Georgetown, Guyana 420 miles away reported: "Came suddenly and increased in intensity..was in my room studying and my lamp and shelf started to shake..it was felt by everyone..lasted for 3 minutes"

The quake was reportedly felt as far away as Columbia's capital 650 miles away, and comes as Venezuela conducted a 95% devuation of its currency over the weekend amid an economic crisis.