Trump is the dog with the least fleas

Zero Hedge Exclusive by Global Intel Hub - 8/22/2018 -

The real witch hunt against Trump has failed so miserably angry liberal politicians and officials are grasping at shadows trying to file charges for anything that will stick, including tax fraud; which in America, is like accusing someone that their epidermis is showing.  Strangely, Trump is one of the few in the rich class, that actually has paid his share of taxes.  In fact the tax issue is interesting if we look at the swath of billionaire tax cheats that supported Democrats in the last 20 years.  Democrats have an untold secret deal with billionaires that they on the surface raise taxes but it will only affect the poor and the middle class, leaving many loopholes open wide like the grand canyon for their golf buddies and relatives.

Strangely, Cohen's lawyer is Hillary Clinton's Youish Yale Classmate from Yoi-see - you can't make this stuff up!  Not only that, but he has a sleazy history defending the worst of the worst, you know, dictators, et. al.  

But the genius behind the witch hunt is sadly working, because the left has been brain-pummeled (it is a verb-characteristic of 'aggressive' brainwashing) by a non-stop assault on TV and online media forming and shaping their opinions so that when the 'keyword' is said on television "The chicken is in the pot" millions of mindless liberal zombies will stand up from their couch and awaken from their slumber and in unison reply "COOK IT" as they march toward Washington to burn down the White House.

This may sound like a dramatic exaggeration but it actually only represents a small fraction of how twisted the campaign of propaganda against these poor folks really is.  They have been whipped into a tizzy that the wizards of the campaign can easily twist facts and suddenly they can claim "Less is more" in that $800 is greater than $1,000.  Black is White, etc.

In no other environment would such absurd claims have gone to such lengths, including a great majority of the DOJ, Congress, and soaking up the majority of the political attention of the nation.  But it serves the same purpose, like Nixon, Trump is playing a good actor in their show as he has no other choice, so a reality star clown President, even if he is the dog with the least fleas, is serving the same purpose of distraction to keep the masses entertained with more drama filled television which is more compelling and addicting than Breaking Bad.  

For example, the real story of the day, as reported here on Zero Hedge and elsewhere (Total News), is the rumor that Trump may be preparing for a real FX intervention.  But who cares if markets collapse - what's the latest in the Trump drama!  He's such a jerk!

Cohen clearly is being played as a pawn in this sleazy game, as anyone who has ever been involved in a court case with the US Government, the fact that you accept a guilty plea 'deal' admits nothing, it's only the governments way of abusing and badgering defendants into doing what they want, in this case - admitting guilt, which implies, but only farcically to the untrained eye of the brainwashed masses, that Trump also is guilty of something.  What Cohen reportedly did, even if it is illegal (regarding the tax issue), is something that millions, perhaps more than 50% of the population is guilty of.  The only group of people who cheats on taxes more than Americans are Germans.  But Germans do it 'the right way' they don't cheat and hide like Americans, they do weird and strange things like not accepting any income (because it would include an extra tax burden) or not engaging in profitable business because of the tax consequences.  But that's the subject for another article - the point here is that, Cohen's 'crimes' are borderline crimes, but when you accept a plea deal, even if you are completely innocent, on the record, you are guilty - officially.  These games are common in high level government cases and this is no exception.  

The Trump Shock

Going back to what really matters - a possible FX intervention would rattle markets like nothing the world has ever seen.  It wouldn't be unprecedented, as Richard Nixon first did this in 1971 which created the FX markets as they are today - freely floating. 

Trump has the character for surprise moves and the motivation - trade talks with China are being cancelled out by PBOC's FX interventions.  Not only that, Trump has recently publicly stated how he is displeased with Fed policy.  He is the only person in America other than the Fed Chair, that can reverse Fed policy unilaterally.  The Fed is private but that's irrelevant, because it was created by an Act of Congress and it's a fairly easy argument to claim that 'financial terrorists' like China can cause an issue with national security due to Currency manipulation (which, basically is true, that with the exception of the Fed and a few other central banks, the new tools of war are as Russia called it 'banks, not tanks' ) [ For a clear view on how this system works checkout Splitting Pennies - Understanding Forex

Would it happen?  Even all this being said it's still a long shot.  But something that should be considered.  And of course - the news is focused on the irrelevant drama.  Oy Vey!

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