Sex Doll Brothel Craze Hits Toronto At $80 A Whack

Canadian men who would prefer the non-alcoholic beer of whore houses will be able to dip their wicks at North America's first sex-doll brothel in North America, so they claim. 

Aura Dolls will open in a Toronto strip mall next month, advertising the "world's most beautiful silicone ladies" which can help you explore "any fantasy or fetish you desire without judgement or shame bringing the ultimate sexual experience*." 

Will you choose Anna - their "Busty, Romantic and Spontaneous" doll, Erika - who's "Young, Gorgeous and Sweet," or Scarlett - the "Absolute American Dream"? And don't worry, it's not cheating if it's an inanimate polymer-wrapped metal frame that'll let you do "that thing" you've always wanted to try.  

And for those concerned about sharing dick-space with thousands of other doll-johns, fear not - these girls are sanitized (though condoms are still recommended, possibly at the request of "housekeeping"). 

Our dolls are thoroughly sanitized to meet our high expectations. We take our clients health and safety extremely serious and each sanitation staff has been trained excessively through our industry developed routine to ensure the maximum wellbeing of our clients. The use of condoms are still highly recommend.

A 30-minute romp with the "girl" of your choice will set you back $80 Canadian, or $62 USD. Aura Dolls even offers two dolls for up to four hours for the low cost of  $960.00 ($742 USD). Imagine that. 

Despite Aura's claim to be the first sex-doll brothel in North America, Toronto's "Kinky Dolls" says they're actually the first - offering synthetic companions which are "ready for you in every position you would choose, They Lubed warm [sic] and ready to play." For those seeking a bargain, however, you will be sadly disappointed. Just like Aura, Kinky Dolls is also $80 for 30 minutes of pure silicone ecstasy - though they do offer an outcall service for $250 an hour which we imagine includes some guy who waits in a van for you to have your way with their wares.

*Interracial midget enthusiasts may be sadly disappointed