Mexican Cartel Boss Takes Out $100,000 Assassination Contract On Breitbart Journalist

This week, a top boss of Mexico's Los Viagras cartel, Sepulveda Arellano - A.K.A. "El Boto" or "El Marrueco" placed a $100,000 USD hit on Breitbart Texas journalist Jose Luis Lara - who Arellano accused of being a spy for the United States. 

The assassination order was posted on social media through various Facebook accounts. A similar threat was also spread via audio recording where El Boto declared Lara a spy for the United States. -Breitbart

Audio of the threat (can set subtitles to English translation): 

Arellano also posted the threat over social media through various Facebook accounts: 

"100,000 dollars to the person who kills the spy (joe luis lara) since the senor does not want truce because as he goes fucking here the senor does not want truce because as he goes fucking here I leave my phone number 4531532680 ... I AM FIRM AND READY" (translated). 

48 hours after El Boto issued the threats, however, the Mexican Army and Navy followed an anonymous tip to his hideout in Morelos and arrested him - causing members of Los Viagras to signal each other to social media to delete any Facebook accounts which may have contacted their captured leader

Earlier this year, Lara and the Cartel Chronicles project published an exclusive report on how members of Los Viagras are able to live in Michoacan and interact with government forces while illegally armed. Days later, the Mexican government arrested Yordi “El H” Oseguera aka “Jordi Villa Patricio,” one of the cartel bosses photographed with military forces. In response, Los Viagras deployed gunmen to set blockades on all the major highways in the state and torched dozens of vehicles to force El Yordi’s release, Breitbart Texas reported. -Breitbart

And while El Boto may be behind bars right now, we're sure Jose Luis Lara must be a bit rattled at the moment.