"High Treason" - Deranged Dallas Man Repeatedly Rams Fox Building

A man crashed a pickup truck into the offices of a Dallas-based Fox Affiliate station on Wednesday before backing up and repeatedly ramming his vehicle through the station's floor-to-ceiling windows before getting out and accusing the station of "high treason," according to the New York Times. While nobody was hurt in the assault, the station said that its employees had been evacuated, according to the station, KDFW-TV.

A Dallas police spokesperson said the man appeared to be upset about an officer-involved shooting elsewhere and left flyers at the scene that were "mostly rambling." He has been charged with criminal mischief.


Numerous photos and video of the incident circulated on twitter.


According to Fox, photojournalists at the affiliate filmed the man as he placed several boxes next to the side of the building. A bomb-squad unit was called in to investigate, but found that they were "filled with stacks of paper." Some of the flyers ended up strewn across the sidewalk. Police have since finished investigating the scene and have confirmed that there are no additional threats.