"A Stunning Betrayal": Hannity Slams "Swamp Sewer Creature" Behind Anonymous NYT "Hit Piece"

Shortly after President Trump lashed out Wednesday night at the "GUTLESS anonymous person" who penned an intensely critical New York Times op-ed describing the "resistance" inside the administration, Fox News host Sean Hannity took to the airwaves for his nightly prime-time show, where he and guest Newt Gingrich took turns slamming the "extraordinary statement of arrogance" as a piece of "deep state" propaganda, and its author as a traitorous, arrogant individual hell-bent on undermining not only the administration, but the American democratic system.


Gingrich accused the author of intentionally sabotaging the US government while comparing the anonymous author to disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, who was stripped of his security clearance and let go from the FBI for spearheading an clandestine operation from within the bureau to stop Trump from serving as president. Hannity slammed the piece as a "stunning betrayal" while highlighting Trump's myriad accomplishments during his brief time in office (breakthroughs involving North Korea, the economy and tax reform among them) as evidence against the author's claim that Trump is heedlessly amoral. The author of the op-ed is clearly just another "swamp sewer creature" who "can't stand the new sheriff in town," Hannity said. 

"Whoever this anonymous super-patriot is who wrote the anti-Trump hit piece in the New York Times, I would argue dangerously published, is nothing more than a swamp sewer creature who can’t stand that there is a new sheriff in town," Hannity said on his show.

Whoever wrote the op-ed clearly believed that they had the "moral authority" to take on the president and defy the popular will of the American people, Gingrich said. By writing the piece, the anonymous official effectively decided to take undermine "the entire American system."

"They are taking on themselves the moral authority to break to law, to repudiate the commander in chief, to basically repudiate our whole constitutional process and they are now going to decide what they think is right… when you think about it is amazing statement of their willingness to make themselves bigger than the entire American system. And it tells you what people mean when they talk about the swamp and they talk about the deep state," Gingrich said.

"Here's a person emerging anonymously in The New York Times to say in essence, 'Yes, I am the deep state" and I am going to do everything I can to make sure that President Trump cannot perform the job that the American people gave him,'" he added. "That’s an extraordinary statement of arrogance from the part of some person who didn’t win the election, didn’t run for office and has never told us what they believe in."

Hannity added that he had "never seen a president that worked so hard to stick to the promises he’s made", adding that the piece's author clearly "has an agenda, and the agenda is to make themselves look good and hurt the president" and that the author had a genuine "contempt" for the American people.

The full segment below: