DEBUNKED: MH370 found on Google Maps a HOAX

Global Intel Hub (Zero Hedge Exclusive) 9/7/2018 – In case you didn’t hear about it, in March 2014 Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 (MH370) vanished without a trace.  The search for the plane was the most costly in aviation history – and no plane was ever found.  Many conspiracy theories have attempted to use deductive logic to conclude a plausible scenario without any tangible evidence – ranging from the bizarre to the improbable.  One theory suggest the plane was sucked into a black hole.


More recently, some British tech dude claimed that he spotted the plane’s wreckage using Google Maps.  This story was published in the papers and circulated in the conspiracy community as if the mystery was ‘solved.’


But according to Soar, a decentralized blockchain platform for the future of all maps and imagery, Google Maps data is invalid.  Thus, it took Soar users only a few moments to debunk this conspiracy theory, you can see the document here.   What is Soar?


Soar is the world’s first decentralized global super-map.  A super map is like a ‘meta map’ meaning it is a ‘map of maps’.  It is a super map of the world, and it’s all build on a blockchain, using blockchain technology. But this isn’t just any super-map, this super-map will include access to every possible mapping system in the world as a source, including but not limited to, satellite imagery feeds, high resolution aerial sensors (from planes, drones, and other elevated machines) provided by the global community, and other sources.  Any source, even a high resolution camera on a ski field, is a potential source for Soar.  Soar then collects this data and translates it to a language that Blockchain can understand.  The data has to be dynamic, once it is on the Blockchain in the format understood by the Soar Blockchain, it can be sorted, optimized, and merged with other data.


All of this will be available in the world’s first mapping ‘app store’ which will be a marketplace for map apps.  It will encourage expert participation in the form of uploads, for example photographers and videographers who have access to high resolution camera systems and security feed systems.  Soar has image analysis algorithms that will further help process data relating to niche markets like farming, mining, urban planning, security, weather, the military, and gaming.  Experts can even upload their own algorithms further adding to the diversity.  Get the full Soar primer here. will provide drone content providers with the platform and tools for monetizing their unused or single purpose content by leveraging existing technology developed for mobile geospatial applications and the US military. When enough aerial imagery is collected in an area, this data will be aggregate into a super-map. This super-map will far exceed the level of detail available from existing satellite maps and will allow users to cycle backwards through time to see how an area has changed from the perspective of a low flying bird.


Soar will combine imagery from three sources:


  • Satelites
  • Aerial Photography
  • Drones


We thought this project seemed too good to be true.  We look forward to Soar debunking other conspiracy theories with their technology such as crop circles and others.  Also this can be a useful tool for Ancient Aliens researchers for example to look at Nazca Lines  So Global Intel Hub sat down with CEO of Soar Amir Farhand and asked a few questions.  Here is the Q&A:


How is Soar able to debunk this conspiracy theory so quickly, comparing with data from Google Maps?


This was outlined in detail in this PDF document. Basically Soar has the ability to search through archival satellite imagery, Google Maps doesn’t. Also because everything sits on the blockchain there is authenticity and accountability to the searches and indeed the raw data. Users can see where its coming from to disprove fake news. In this instance it was using a feed from the European Space Agency.


Why is Soar superior to Google Data?


Google’s MAPS data as provided free to consumers is limited.  Google provides it as a free service as it does for much other data, but it is not their core business (to be specific, Google is in the free data collection business, not the free data serving business.)  Google has a focus on their core business: Search.  Soar includes multiple verifiable sources, and stores data on an immutable blockchain.  Data is also collated and verified by users (stakeholders).  It’s mapping 3.0


Why didn’t Google make something like this?


Google is a search company. They are not interested in building a super-map and entering potential artefacts in both their data compilers and infect their business model.


Let’s take a look at how quickly Soar debunked this conspiracy theory.  Soar has historical records showing data from multiple sources.  This animated gif shows the progression over time of the area in question:






The implications of this are amazing!  For years, users have used Google Maps and Google Earth to create all sorts of strange theories, or to disprove others as is the case in the MH370 example.  Now the world has a ‘super-map’ which can be a reference point that has valid data.  It is the digital equivalent of a 3d map, with multiple data sets as ‘layers.’


According to documents, this technology was developed by mining outfits in the Australian Outback in conjunction with the military, and has since been declassified.  If you look the implications of other technology that has been declassified, such as the internet itself, the possibilities of soar are really endless.


What we are excited about is public aerial surveillance which is verified.  Drones are cool but a database is needed to collect and parse data provided by drones.  Projects like this were started for phone photos but never took off (Google style).  What’s different about Soar it has multiple sources and encourages user participation, all stored on a blockchain. 


Other possibilities include the ability to take Soar data and embed it into apps or tools which rely on accurate geo data. 


Here are 2 comparison images Google vs. Soar:



Also, see this:



Soar represents the exciting side of Blockchain – not the ‘get rich quick’ side.  Blockchain is enabling projects like Soar to build global robust applications which you can say are military - grade.  Unfortunately, Bitcoin gave users a bad taste for Blockchain because the actual utility of Bitcoin even as a payment system is nil.  Bitcoin is only good for – or was good for – creating a huge bubble and announcing Blockchain to the world.  But the consequences of that- are real projects, useful projects, like Soar.


But now, as exemplified by Soar, we are seeing useful applications being launched and developed using Blockchain technology which have real world impacts.  See it live at