Latest Tesla Software Update "Disabled" Autopilot

Many Tesla owners have lost all autopilot functionality as a result of the company’s latest "over the air" software update, according to Jalopnik . Tesla knows about the issue and has promised to fix it by Friday of this week, according to the article, saying it was "a known issue".

Tesla has been sending out its latest "over the air" software update over the course of this week. The purpose of the software update was to increase the capabilities of Autopilot and help it further incorporate traffic lights, stop signs, lane changes and off-ramps.

As a reminder, numerous Tesla Autopilot incidents have occurred when a vehicle moves out from in front of a Tesla vehicle, and/or when there's an option to take an off-ramp nearby. Videos like this one, on YouTube, have confirmed the issue:

A driver cited in the story noticed that their software update had failed on Tuesday and, after talking to a representative at Tesla who said it would be fixed Wednesday, discovered that Autopilot had been disabled completely.

The customer service experience was also problematic for this owner: it took a half hour to reach a Tesla representative by phone, who then went on to explain that there was no "immediate fix", but rather that the issue should just be resolved "soon". In total the owner had to wait a total of an hour and a half to get an answer from a Tesla representative.

An email reportedly sent by Tesla stated "The current estimate is that the issue should be solved in the next two days." We doubt those who shelled out $5,000 extra for Autopilot will be thrilled with this response.

As a reminder, the autopilot "issue" has emerged just hours after Elon Musk himself tweeted out that customers "may experience longer response times", supposedly due to "a large increase" in vehicle deliveries.

The company’s ability to update software over the air has received both positive and negative scrutiny. Skeptics are worried that it gives the company too much control over the functionality of vehicles, while supporters point to successes like fixing the Model 3 braking issue that was raised by Consumer Reports earlier this year.