Stormy Daniels Dishes On Trump's "Mushroom Penis," Recounts Bizarre Call With Hillary Clinton

Barely two weeks after former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen agreed to tear up Stormy Daniels nondisclosure agreement, the former adult film actress and alleged Trump mistress is getting ready to publish her much-hyped book, "Full Disclosure". And in keeping with what has become a tradition for authors preparing to publish critical texts involving the president, Daniels has leaked a copy of the manuscript to the Guardian, which on Tuesday published several explosive excerpts detailing Daniels' story about her brief relationship with Trump. 

While the book reportedly begins with Daniels' childhood and chronicles her rise from impoverished teenage stripper to porn industry titan, most of its audience is no doubt interested mostly in the intimate descriptions of her fling with Trump, which she claims took place at a Celebrity Golf Tournament in Lake Tahoe back in 2006.


After greeting Trump on the course, Daniels says his bodyguard approached her and invited her to a private dinner with Trump. After arriving at his penthouse, Trump put the moves on her. In the book, she describes Trump's penis as "below average but not freakishly small" adding that its tip was large and mushroom shaped, like the toadstool character from "Mario Kart."

It was in that role that Daniels attended a celebrity golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, California, in 2006, where she and two colleagues greeted golfers between holes. There she first sees Trump: “He had a red cap, a Trump crest as a placeholder for the MAGA slogan not one of us could see coming.”

Trump’s bodyguard invites Daniels to dinner, which turns out to be an invitation to Trump’s penthouse, she writes, in a description of alleged events that Daniels has disclosed previously but which in the book are rendered with new and lurid detail. She describes Trump’s penis as "smaller than average" but "not freakishly small."

"He knows he has an unusual penis," Daniels writes. "It has a huge mushroom head. Like a toadstool…

"I lay there, annoyed that I was getting fucked by a guy with Yeti pubes and a dick like the mushroom character in Mario Kart..."

Daniels goes on to detail her conversations with Trump over the ensuing years, where he reportedly offered to try and get her a spot on "The Apprentice" - even offering to devise a plan for her to "cheat" and stay on the show longer. However, Trump never came through, and their relationship soon deteriorated.

She continued to answer Trump’s many phone calls over the next year in hopes that he would make good on his promise to put her on his reality television show, The Apprentice, Daniels writes. Trump even suggested that a cheat could be arranged to allow her to survive through more episodes of the show, she writes.

"We’ll figure out a way to get you the challenges beforehand," she quotes him as saying. "And we can devise your technique."

"He was going to have me cheat, and it was 100 percent his idea."

Whenever she saw Trump on television for years afterwards, Daniels writes, an internal monologue would play out: "'I had sex with that', I’d say to myself. Eech."

Amazingly, Hillary Clinton makes a brief but memorable appearance in the book, as Daniels recounts a scene where she and Trump were hanging out in his hotel room back in 2007. As they were watching "Shark Week", Clinton apparently called Trump.

Daniels’ alleged relationship with Trump included one moment in 2007, she writes, in which she is with Trump in a hotel room watching a Shark Week broadcast on cable television when he receives a phone call from Hillary Clinton, then running against Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"Then, to make it crazier, Hillary Clinton called," Daniels writes. "He had a whole conversation about the race, repeatedly mentioning 'our plan'...

"Even while he was on the phone with Hillary, his attention kept going back to the sharks."

After Trump started winning primaries in early 2016, former castmates and friends of Daniels would call her out of the blue to commiserate about the Trump phenomenon, knowing her prior relationship with him. Daniels said she was shocked, claiming, as many have before her, that Trump didn't want to be president.

Then she said her next instinct was fear (though if she was so afraid we can't imagine why she would have sought to sell her story to the media in the weeks before the November vote).

"It will never happen, I would say," Daniels writes. "He doesn’t even want to be president."

But as Trump kept winning, Daniels writes, she began to think she might be in danger. The story she had to tell about Trump seemed more sensitive the more he won. And she had already been threatened once, years earlier, and warned never to tell the story about Trump, she has claimed.

But if you listen to Daniels' lawyer Michael Avenatti tell it, these details are all secondary to the book's true purpose, which is to convey the struggles and triumphs of a modern, independent American woman - someone who should be a role model to young women everywhere. 

Amidst an explosion of controversy on social media on Tuesday morning, following the publication of this story, Daniels’ attorney, Michael Avenatti, said on Twitter the most important thing about the book was "not the description of her sex with Mr Trump."

It was, he said, "her description of her life and role as a modern woman unafraid to speak truth to power."

And what a role model she has been...