Hedge Fund CIO: "Trump Is Childish, Self-Centered, Bullying, Full Of Shit - But Authentically So"

Submitted by Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management

“Trump represents authenticity,” said the Australian investor, reflecting. “Childish, self-centered, misogynistic, money-focused, bullying, full of shit – but authentically so,” he continued.

As an American abroad, you discover most discussions weave their way back to The Donald, what his presidency says about the state of our union, our world, humanity. Nearly every foreigner I meet is appalled. But intrigued, perplexed. Most are drawn to the spectacle in the way that attracts our gaze to horrific car wrecks.

“The more transgressions that come out, the more authentic he becomes.” And it’s true. “Mainstream politicians are the ultimate distillation of inauthenticity.” In pursuit of becoming what people want them to be, they become nothing, often worse.

"Who’s the most authentic politician you can think of globally? Scarily, given he’s horrible - to me at least - on so many levels, I reckon it’s Trump. Possibly because… at least he’s a wolf in wolf’s clothing."

There’s a price to pay for Bill Clinton’s serial infidelities wrapped in slick lies, Bush’s tragic neo-conservative wars waged on pretense. Not a single banker was incarcerated for 2008’s corruption, conflicts of interest. Obama, earth’s most powerful commander-in-chief, proved unwilling to shield black children from everyday slaughter in his hometown Chicago ghettos.

As Barak was Bush’s legacy, Trump is the legacy of Obama’s empty eloquence.

We lose faith in institutions when priests prey on their young flock, then find shelter in the churches shadow.

“Authenticity is knowing and embracing all aspects of our self. Our strengths, weaknesses. Our light, darkness. And if we don’t have this level of self-awareness – as most don’t – authenticity is having the intention to get there,” he said.

“And we’re learning that people would prefer an authentic dickhead versus someone who is perceived inauthentic and controlled by shadowy vested interests that haven’t worked for the majority.”