Lindsey Graham Summarizes The Kavanaugh Chaos: "If An Accusation Is Enough, God Help Us All"

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) laid out his position on Judge Brett Kavanaugh on Tuesday, telling reporters that he isn't going to deny him a seat on the Supreme Court based on flimsy allegations, and that he is going to "apply the rule of law" as his standard. 

What are they supposed to do, interview everyone in Maryland from the summer of 1982? 

We're talking about appointing someone to be in charge of the rule of law. I'm going to adopt the rule of law as my standard. If this were a criminal allegation you would never get out of the batter's box, because you can't tell the accused where it happened and when it happened, and there's no corroboration outside the accusation itself. You couldn't sue in civil court for the same reason - you could not even get a warrant

So I will respectfully listen to Dr. Ford, but here's the question for me and others; what is the standard? What is it going to be? Are you really innocent or guilty based on the accusation? Is there any presumption of innocence left in the confirmation process?

If the accusation is enough, God help us all. It's OK to challenge the accuser. 

I will respectfully listen, but if there's nothing new, I am not going to deny him a promotion to the Supreme Court based on a 35-year-old accusation where all of the facts that we do know about seem to suggest it didn't happen the way it was described. 

If this is enough to deny a person a seat on the Supreme Court who has otherwise lived a good life, then I don't know where this ends.


On Sunday, Graham asked Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace: "What am I supposed to do? Go ahead and ruin this guy's life based on an accusation?" adding: "I don't know when it happened, I don't know where it happened. And everybody named in regard to being there said it didn't happen. I'm just being honest. Unless there's something more, no I'm not going to ruin Judge Kavanaugh's life over this." 

"But she should come forward, she should have her say. She will be respectfully treated," he added.

Graham repeatedly expressed doubt about the allegation during the interview Sunday based on the amount of time that has passed since the alleged assault and the lack of evidence. 

"This accusation has to be looked at in terms of our legal system, Graham said. 

"Everything I know about Judge Kavanaugh goes against this allegation," he continued. "I want to listen to Dr. Ford. I feel sorry for her. I think she's being used here." -USA Today

Graham also said he think that people are taking advantage of Ford: 

Both Kavanaugh and Ford are scheduled to testify in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday at 9:30 a.m. EST.