Iraqi Model Gunned Down In Baghdad Amid Flurry Of Female Activist Assassinations

Iraqi Instagram model Tara Faris was killed by unidentified gunmen in Baghdad on Friday, according to local media reports cited by RT. Hers is the latest in a string of murders across the country targeting female activists; in each case, extremist groups are the main suspects.

She was reportedly shot and killed while in her car in a Baghdad neighborhood.



Faris, who was one of the most popular Iraqis on Instagram with 2.7 million followers, got her start as a beauty pageant contestant in 2015. She was born in 1998 to an Iraqi father and a Lebanese mother.


She had lived in Europe for a time before returning to Iraq, living in Erbil and Baghdad. Her murder is the latest in a string of assassinations which have targeted women, with some speculating that religious extremists could be behind the attacks.

Earlier this week, a female activist who helped organize protests in Iraq’s southern city of Basra was shot dead by masked gunmen.

Faris' killing is the latest sign that - as one Twitter user put it - "women are not safe in Iraq".