Flip-Flop Flake "Still Having Issues" With Kavanaugh Despite "Thorough" FBI Report

Elaina Plott of The Atlantic reports that GOP Senator Jeff Flake (AZ) - the key holdout in the Kavanaugh confirmation, and retiring lame duck - is "still having issues" despite calling the FBI report that he insisted upon "thorough" and agreeing that it did not corroborate claims made by Kavanaugh accuser, Christine Blasey Ford. 

How has Flake flip-flopped throughout the Kavanaugh confirmation process? Plott counts the ways...

Flake's waffling is undoubtedly troublesome for Republicans, however if GOP Senator Susan Collins of Maine still votes "yes" as was implied by comments she made earlier Thursday, and/or the vote is otherwise tied, Kavanaugh could still be confirmed by Vice President Mike Pence. 

Meanwhile, after a 15-year career on Congress - will Flake be remembered as a Democratic shill?