How Do You Sell Your ETF or Vaulted Gold When the Grid and Internet Goes Down?


- In the event of certain geopolitical, digital and systemic risks materialising, it is important that gold buyers and investors can take delivery or move their gold to a location of choice

- Direct Access Gold is being considered as a game-changer when it comes to the level of safety, security and access that precious metals investors have when it comes to their gold

- It is an industry first that addresses some of the perceived weaknesses of digital gold and gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds); the single point of pricing or liquidity and the lack of access and outright ownership underlying gold assets

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Did you know that only a tiny fraction of ETF and digital gold holdings are effectively available for delivery in coin or bar format at any one time?

Probably less than 1%!

Rather than owning gold coins or bars outright, you may be part of a pool of investors who all have an interest in large 400 ounce gold bars. This means that you own a part or parts of a bar and your holding is not capable of being separated from that of other investors.

As a result it is not possible in most circumstances to easily take possession of your gold. If you are a holder of an ETF (an Exchange Traded Fund), you own a share in a fund that has an interest in a pool of gold bars and you most likely don’t even have direct access to your gold.

This creates an unappreciated degree of risk…