Spartacus Falls? Cory Booker Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Man In Restroom

Democratic Senator Cory "Spartacus" Booker has been accused of sexually assaulting a man, after a self-professed anonymous gay liberal released a shocking account of a 2014 incident.

During a visit to the man's workplace, Booker's accuser says the Senator "pulled me into the restroom," and "put his left hand on my groin, over my jeans and began to rub," before pushing the man down on his knees for "what was clearly a move to have me perform oral sex on him." The man says he "pulled away quite violently" and told Booker he had to leave. 

Through the transitive properties of unsupported claims, we can only assume that this allegation is "serious" and "credible" - words recently used by Booker to describe similarly unfounded accusations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

Booker's accuser says he has consulted with two attorneys on the matter, and has been playing phone tag with journalist Ronan Farrow. 

If the claims against Booker are true, and we have no reason to assume they're not since all survivors of sexual assault have a right to be believed, it suggests that the Democratic Senator who has never been married may be bisexual. In 1992, Booker wrote an article in which he admitted to sexually assaulting a girl when he was 15 years old, groping her at a New Year's Eve party in 1984 against her will. 

In a 1992 Op-Ed unearthed by BuzzFeed, however, Booker claimed to hate gays, writing: 

I stopped telling my gay jokes. Fags, flamers and dykes became homosexuals and people of differing sexual orientation and, of course, I had my gay friend. But I was disgusted by gays. The thought of two men kissing each other was about as appealing as a frontal lobotomy.

Is Booker projecting?

Booker has also been targeted with rumors that he's gay - and has declined to say either way if he is or not, explaining to WaPo in 2013: 

People who think I'm gay, some part of me thinks it's wonderful. Because I want to challenge people on their homophobia. I love seeing on Twitter when someone says I'm gay, and I say, "So what does it matter if I am? So be it. I hope you are not voting for me because you are making the presumption that I'm straight." -WaPo

How will Booker respond to his #HeToo moment? If there's no difference between men and women, and all sexual assault survivors deserve to be believed, should the FBI launch an investigation?

The meme warriors, meanwhile, are just getting started on this: