Bernie Sanders: Blue Wave Is Dead; Midterms Will Be "Very, Very Close"

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) says he "doesn't believe" that there will be a so-called "blue wave" of Democratic victories sweeping the midterm elections, and that it will be a "very, very close" situation. 

Speaking with The Hill's Krystal Ball on Monday while stumping from Iowa Democrat J.D. Scholten, Sanders said that the outcome from the November 6 elections will be determined by a "handful of votes." 

"You know a lot of people talk about this "blue wave" and all that stuff - I don't believe it. I happen to think that on election night we're gonna find a very, very close situation, and that maybe a handful of votes determining whether Democrats gain control of the House." 

"We have an entity able to stand up to [President] Trump or we don’t," added the former Presidential candidate whose aspirations for the Oval Office were derailed after Hillary Clinton and the DNC "rigged the primary" against him in 2016. 


Sanders - rumored as a 2020 hopeful against Donald Trump, told Hill.TV that he's doing everything he can to promote promising Democratic candidates such as Scholten - stating "we desperately need his voice" in Congress. 

Democrats will need to pick up 23 seats during midterms in order to take back control of the House.