Chaos At Polls As Voting Machines Malfunction; Frustrating Delays Plague Midterms

As Americans head out to cast their ballots in Tuesday's midterm elections, reports have been rolling in across the country of broken voting machines, long wait times and incompetent poll workers. 

Voters in Jersey City waited in a seemingly endless line for up to two hours after reports that only two voting booths were functional:

Officials have dispached additional poll workers and an extra voting machine:

New York voters arrived at the Bronx County Supreme Court House only to find an hour-long line and one out of five scanners working. 

Gwinnett County, Georgia voters also experienced long lines due to glitching voting machines - which were abandoned for paper or provisional ballots. The machines were later fixed. 

In Richland County, South Carolina, a calibration issue with "aging touch-screen machines" has resulted in mismarked ballots.

"If the calibration slips, you can touch it but the screen will select either above or below because of the calibration issue," said Richland County Elections Director Rokey Suleman. Similar issues have been reported in Westmoreland County, PA. 

Officials in other South Carolina precincts have reported voting machine issues, and are now handing out paper ballots to voters, according to The State newspaper. 

In Florida, where Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum recently led Rep. Ron DeSantis by 7 points (via Correctbae), one woman reported long lines caused by more than half of the voting machines going down at a Miami precinct.

The same was reported at a Houston, Texas polling station: 

In Brooklyn, voters stood outside in the rain as all voting machines were reported broken

And in Pennsylvania, Twitter user @Carpedonktum was sent a video of a polling station with a "vote straight Democrat" sign posted on one of the doors.

(h/t @Carpedonktum, Cassandra Fairbanks @ Gateway Pundit)

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