EU Populists In France, Hungary And Italy Continue To Surge In Polls; Le Pen Overtakes Macron

According to the latest polls, the populist wave of anti-mass migration nationalist parties across the European Union is picking up steam, particularly in Italy, France and Hungary as pro-nationalism parties lead their rivals going into next year's EU parliament election. 

As we reported last week, a recent poll from Nov. 4 from the Institut Français D’opinion Publique (IFOP) showed that French President Emmanuel Macron's centrist party Republic on the Move (LREM) has fallen to 19%, while Marine Le Pen's right-wing Rassemblement National (RN, formerly National Front) jumped to 21%, according to Euractiv

Another poll from Elabe shows RN at 20% while Macron's LREM at 19.5%. 

Meanwhile, a Hungarian national poll released last week from Medián reveals that Prime Minister Victor Orbán's Fidesz party and their Christian Democratic People's Party allies have increased their lead to 63% - with the second most popular party, Jobbik, coming in at just 11%

According to Breitbart's Chris Tomlinson, Italy's League - which Interior Minister Matteo Salvini leads, has continued to outperform its coalition partners, the Five Star Movement, since July

Salvini has been shown to be the most trusted politician in Italy according to a poll from the Giorno newspaper released in July. The Five Star Movement and its leader Luigi Di Maio, meanwhile, have struggled to implement their economic reforms which include a basic citizen income due to pushback from the European Commission. -Breitbart

According to pollster Noto, the League leads with 31%, while Five Star comes in at 27%. 

Populists unite

While American political strategist Stephen K Bannon has made strides uniting European populists through his nonprofit organization The Movement, Salvini and Le Pen met last month in Rome and announced that they were exploring a "Freedom Front" of their own to unite the populists among the EU parliament. 

Meanwhile, according to Tomlinson, calls to boot Orbán and Fidesz from the conservative European People's Party (EPP) parliamentary group may result in a solid alliance between Orbán, Salvini and Le Pen.