Ireland Probes Possible UFO Sighting After Multiple Pilots Report "High Speed, Bright Lights"

In what sounds like a repeat of the infamous 2004 "Tic Tac Incident", when a US Navy ship witnessed what looked like a strange, tic tac-shaped object with "no visible means of lift" flying off the coast of California, a UFO sighting by commercial pilots off the coast of Ireland has triggered an investigation by the Irish Aviation Authority, RT reported.

The strange flying vessel was first spotted by a Britsh Airways pilot on Nov. 9 at 6:47 am local time. At the time, the pilot was flying over the southwest coast of Ireland. At the time of the report, the pilot was flying from Heathrow to Montreal, and made a call to Shannon Air Traffic Control to ask if Ireland was conducting military exercises. When they said no, the baffled pilot shared what he had seen.


In a recording of the call obtained by RT, the pilot can be heard saying they witnessed a "a bright light" that had been flying at a very fast speed beside her plane before it "disappeared at very high speed."

And as it turns out, the British Airlines pilot wasn't the only one to see the vessel. After a Virgin Airlines pilot joined the conversation to suggest that it might have been a meteor re-entering Earth’s atmosphere, the pilot added that there were "multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory," and that they were "very bright where we were."

Then a third pilot joined the conversation to say "Glad it wasn’t just me," and reported a UFO that was "astronomical, it was like Mach 2." Ground control replied that "other aircraft in the air have also reported the same thing so we are going to have a look and see."

The IAA later said it had filed reports of unusual activity in response to the claims.

"This report will be investigated under the normal confidential occurrence investigation process," read the IAA statement to the Irish Examiner.

Meanwhile, in a separate report, RT pointed out that US astronaut Leland Melvin admitted on Twitter earlier this year that he had seen something "organic, alien-like" floating out of the payload of a space shuttle roughly a decade earlier. In response to a question about whether he had ever witnessed alien life, he shared a story about spotting a "translucent, curved, organic" object in the cargo area of his space craft, which prompted him to call his colleagues on Earth and ask what it was.

Though ground control suggested to Melvin that what he had seen was just ice that had broken off of a Freon hose. "I was about to say 'Houston we have a problem' but know everyone spins-up when those words are uttered from a space vehicle," he said.

Asked if NASA might have lied to maintain calm, Melvin said he didn't think so...but that "you never know."