Maxine Waters Tells Trump: Californians "Wish He Would Keep His Mouth Shut"

As Democrats prepare to let the subpoenas fly early next year, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA.), who is preparing to become the first black female chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee in January, reiterated her vow to investigate President Trump's ties to Deutsche Bank - which she called "one of the biggest money laundering banks in the world" - during an interview with AM Joy, adding that "it's one of the big issues that we will be working on."


During the wide-ranging interview, Waters also blasted President Trump's threats to revoke federal funding from California, saying she wished he would "keep his mouth shut" when it comes to all issues pertaining to her home state (while offering no substantive response to Trump's criticisms of harmful forest-management policies that have exacerbated the fires).

Ultimately, Maxine said, Trump and his fellow Republicans attack her because they're afraid of having a "strong, black woman" in charge of the financial services committee.

"That’s the opposition talking about what would happen if this strong, black woman Maxine Waters is the chair of the Financial Services Committee," Waters said, becoming animated.

"They’ve never seen anybody like me before. There’s never been a woman in the history of this country that’s been the chairperson of the Financial Services Committee, and certainly never a black woman."

Circling back to Waters' response to Trump, the congresswoman, who was one of the targets of several attempted mail bombings last month, accused Trump of being "clueless" about issues of "poor management" and that he was talking about something he has "no knowledge of".

Though, as we've pointed out, climate scientists including the University of Washington's Cliff Mass have offered substantial evidence showing that climate change isn't a contributing factor in California's wildfires.

"The president of the United States attempts to talk about things that he has no knowledge of. He doesn’t even understand what goes into fighting a fire, and for him to come out talking about poor management is just another indication that the president is not willing to learn anything. He does not really care about others, and he’s on the attack all of the time. We wish he would keep his mouth shut. California does not need him to be talking about things that he does not know."

"We need him to bring people together, to be concerned about the safety of our families. So, again, it’s just another Trump who is again reaching in, talking about things that he doesn’t understand, and we need him to just stay away from us."

The 80-year-old Congresswoman has repeatedly called on Deutsche to provide documents detailing any ties between the Trump family and Russia. Though, when it comes to making irresponsible comments, Waters probably could teach the president a thing or two, given that she has repeatedly tried to incite her supporters to form mobs and confront Republicans, while telling her supporters back in September that they should "knock off" Trump.

Watch the full AM Joy segment below. Waters' interview starts at the 30-second mark: