Trump Says "An Honest Vote Is No Longer Possible" In Florida

As @ForexLive pointed out, President Trump has nothing on his schedule during Monday's Veterans' Day holiday. So this morning's steady stream of divisive tweets is expected to continue.

Pivoting away from demands that Europe pay up for US military protection, Trump is refocusing on the election recount in Florida, where narrow victories by Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeStantis and senatorial candidate (and current governor) Rick Scott are being called into question (though the possibility of vote tampering has also emerged as crates of mystery ballots have surfaced in Broward).

Following Scott's decision to file a lawsuit demanding that law enforcement seize vote-counting machines and ballots when they're not in use, Trump, who had previously threatened to open a federal investigation into the sluggish vote-counting process in Broward and Palm Beach counties, is now demanding that the recount be abandoned because of the arrival of a large number of ballots "out of nowhere," adding that many are "missing or forged."

Because of this, "an honest vote count is no longer possible", Trump said. "Ballots massively infected. Must go with Election Night!."

We're still waiting for a judge to rule on Scott's latest batch of lawsuits, which added to the legal drama after his opponent, incumbent Democrat Bill Nelson, filed a lawsuit demanding that ballots bearing mismatched signatures still be counted.  In Broward County, more than 20,000 ballots were cast where voters voted on down-ballot races, but neglected to vote in the governor's race, a scenario that experts have called "implausible."