Farage Blasts Merkel's EU Army: "European Project Set Up To Halt German Domination"

Nigel Farage began his epic tirade by thanking Mrs. Merkel for her immigration policies, "without you, we've never had made it over the line with Brexit," adding that many of the euroskeptic parties from the left, right, and center across Europe will be back in the European Parliament "directly as a result of your [Merkel's] asylum policy."

Then Farage turned his attention to Merkel's call (along with Macron) for an EU army:

"It's a European Union that is now to become an empire - a militarized European Union... 100 years on from the Armistice, we should be genuinely worried - the idea that this new militarized union is somehow a recipe for peace means you should all re-read history..."

"The European project was set up to stop German domination. What you've seen today is a naked takeover bid! Brexit becomes a necessity after this."

Full speech below: