Gillum's Dramatic Decision To Un-Concede Didn't Work Out As He Expected

Florida's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum may regret his decision to un-concede to his GOP opponent Ron DeSantis, after the final tally netted Gillum just one additional vote

Last week Gillum took his previous concession to DeSantis off the table, announcing "I am replacing my words of concession in an unapologetic call that we count every vote," after DeSantis led by just .41% of the vote, or around 33,600 votes out of more than 8 million votes cast.

"The margin was 0.41 percent out of more than 8 million votes cast, outside the 0.25 percent threshold needed for a manual recount," reports the Sun-Sentinel. The former Tallahassee mayor stopped short of filing a lawsuit to try and force the recount to continue, however despite picking up just one vote - Gillum still hasn't conceded despite what appears to be an insurmountable lead by DeSantis.

"A vote denied is justice denied — the State of Florida must count every legally cast vote," Gillum continued. "As today’s unofficial reports and recent court proceedings make clear, there are tens of thousands of votes that have yet to be counted. We plan to do all we can to ensure that every voice is heard in this process."

In other Florida recount news, the Republican Governor Rick Scott's lead over incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson (D) grew by nearly 1,000 votes following a machine recount - a difference of around 12,000 votes, or enough to trigger a manual recount. 

Scott has urged Nelson to give up.

"Our state needs to move forward," Scott said. "We need to put this election behind us, and it is time for Bill Nelson to respect the will of the voters and graciously bring this process to an end rather than proceed with yet another count of the votes – which will yield the same result, and bring more embarrassment to the state that we both love and have served."

2 minute woman?

Meanwhile on Thursday Broward County submitted the results of its recount two minutes after the state's 3pm deadline, voiding the results of its machine recount. Rick Scott says that Broward County Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes intentionally delayed the results so that the would be invalidated, after it was revealed that Scott would have seen a net gain of 779 votes if Snipes had submitted the results on time

"Basically, I just worked my ass off for nothing," said Broward County election planning and development director Joseph D'Alessandro. 

"We uploaded to the state two minutes late so the state has chosen not to use our machine recount results," said D'Alessandro, adding "They are going to use our first unofficial results as our second unofficial results."