"Little Adam Schitt" Slammed by Trump Over "Conflicts" Double Standard

President Trump slammed Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Sunday, after the likely next chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said that Democrats will challenge the appointment of newly minted Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker. 

"So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!," tweeted Trump. 

Schiff told ABC's "This Week" on Sunday "yes and yes" when asked if Democrats would push back against Whitaker's appointment, and if he is still concerned that Whitaker poses a threat to special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation based on past comments. 

In an interview with Fox News's Chris Wallace which aired Sunday, Trump addressed Whitaker's controversial comments, stating "I did not know he took views on the Mueller investigation as such," adding that he "would not get involved" in whether Whitaker curtails the special counsel. 

"Look he -- it’s going to be up to him," Trump said. "I think he’s very well aware politically.  I think he’s astute politically.  He’s a very smart person.  A very respected person.  He’s going to do what’s right.  I really believe he’s going to do what’s right."

Top Democrats melted down last week over Whitaker's appointment. In a letter last Sunday signed by Democratic lawmakers Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Jerry Nadler, Dianne Feinstein, Adam Schiff, Mark Warner and Elijah Cummings, Whitaker should be disqualified from taking control of the special counsel investigation over comments he made in June and July, 2017. 

"Mr. Whitaker has a history of hostile statements toward Special Counsel Mueller's investigation, including televised statements suggesting the investigation be defunded or subjected to strict limitations in scope," reads the letter, pointing first to a June 9, 2017 statement by Whitaker during an appearance on a radio show in which he said "There is no criminal obstruction of justice charge to be had here. The evidence is weak. No reasonable prosecutor would bring a case." 

Then, in a July 26, 2017 statement, Whitaker said that he "could see a scenario where Jeff Sessions is replaced with a recess appointment and that attorney general doesn't fire Bob Mueller but he just reduces his budget so low that his investigations grinds almost to a halt."

The letter goes on to note that Whitaker has referred to the special counsel investigation as "a mere witch hunt," as well as an opinion article he wrote entitled "Mueller's Investigation of Trump Is Going Too Far." 

This isn't the first time Trump has poked fun at Schiff, tweeting in February: "Finally, Liddle’ Adam Schiff, the leakin’ monster of no control, is now blaming the Obama Administration for Russian meddling in the 2016 Election," in response to Schiff's comments that the Obama administration should have dealt with Russian meddling much earlier. 

Trump supporters over social media approve of Schiff's new nickname: