Inside Carlos Ghosn's Opulent 2016 Wedding At Versailles

Thanks to Japan's culture of not compensating CEOs with exorbitant sums, many suspect that Carlos Ghosn's 'misappropriation' and 'misreporting' of company assets and his income was somehow related to the fact that he earned roughly half what comparable executives of European and US carmakers would earn.

That could stoke a lot of resentment for somebody used to living the high life - which the Ghosn's undoubtedly were. Since news of the scandal broke, a March 2017 article in Town and Country article about a particularly high-class party thrown by Carlos and his wife Carole Ghosn has been circulated on twitter. The party, held to commemorate their civil wedding, was held at Versailles.

Yes, that Versailles.

The Sofia Coppola film Marie Antoinette was used as inspiration for the party's decor, which featured extravagant, colorful desserts. Paid actors dressed in 18th-century costume entertained the guests. The decor was masterminded by designer Rabih Kayrouz, who made the dress worn by Carole Ghosn. It featured antique silver and French crystal.




At the time, Carole Ghosn said she wanted the party to feel authentic.

"We wanted it to feel as if we were inviting guests into our home—nothing too studied," Carole says.

If that was her goal, it appears she succeeded.


The couple invited 120 guests. And, as Ghosn bragged, few turned them down.

"When you invite people to a party, they say maybe. When you invite them to Versailles, they will come."

Ghosn was arrested for misreporting his compensation, misusing company assets and misreporting the company's assets to the Tokyo Stock Exchange.