Trump Says Oil Prices Would "Go Through The Roof" If We Broke With Saudi Arabia; Wants Lower Rates

Shortly before departing to Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday, Trump issued a flurry of statements to reporters, covering everything from geopolitics, to monetary policy, to currencies, to his daugher's emailing habits.

Echoing previous remarks, Trump started by saying he would like to see lower oil prices and interest rates.

Trump also repeated his earlier statement, saying that abandoning Saudi Arabia would be a mistake and that the Saudi situation is "complicated" and "is what it is." The president also said that he will meet the Saudi Crown Prince in Argentina "if he's there."  Earlier, Trump said the U.S. would remain "steadfast partner" of Saudi Arabia after the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

Trump then said that the CIA has "nothing definitive" on Khashoggi's murder, said he has not received money from Saudi Arabia but added that "we're not going to give up hundreds of billions of dollars in orders." He then ominously warned that "if we broke with [Saudi Arabia] I think your oil prices would go through the roof."

Trump also dismissed as "fake news" reports that his daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump violated federal law by using a personal email account to conduct government business.

Trump said his daughter’s emails did not contain classified information and did not use an extensive home server like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

"She wasn’t doing anything to hide her emails,” Trump said of his daughter. “There was no deleting like Haillary Clinton did,” Trump said. “You’re talking about all fake news.”

“What it is is a false story,” he added.

Trump then pivoted to the situation at the southern border, saying people should not feel bad for U.S. troops who are spending Thanksgiving there because they are “tough people” who are proud to defend the country. "Don’t worry," Trump told reporters.

The president reiterated his plans to visit service members serving in combat zones, but would not say where or when.

Finally, Trump said his written answers to special counsel Robert Mueller’s questions are finished.