Shootings, Stampedes, & Scraps: Black Friday Chaos Erupts Around The World

Tyler Durden's Photo
by Tyler Durden
Friday, Nov 23, 2018 - 11:06

Even as more shoppers migrate online, Black Friday is becoming equally notorious for the chaotic scenes and episodic violence as it is for the sales that brought shoppers to the stores in the first place. And this year was no exception.

As shoppers lined up around the world, videos of scuffles and stampedes from Brazil to South Africa spread online. At one mall in Sao Paolo, shoppers fought one another to grab deeply discounted TVs.


In one particularly shocking video that, according to the Daily Mail, was taken Friday morning in South Africa, a crowd of frantic shoppers can be seen literally swarming through the entrance of a department store as scuffles break out left and right. Hapless store employees try to direct the crowd into orderly lines to little avail.

At one point, a security guard could be seen holding a gun as the crowd streamed into the store.


A similar scene played out at a Game store in South Africa...

...Here's another video showing the chaos from a different perspective:

By mid-morning on Friday, compilations of Black Friday fights from years' past were circulating on social media. They are well worth another watch...

Elsewhere in South Africa, tensions were running high at the Mall of Africa in Gauteng as mall staff struggled to clear massive lines.

Back in the US, shots rang out at a mall in Alabama.

And this video of a group of teens throwing hands surfaced online.

As one twitter user observed...