"Unhappy" Trump Blasts GM Over Plant Closures, Tells Company To Stop Making Cars In China

Following news of GM's mass layoffs affecting over 14,000 workers and widespread plant shutterings in the US and abroad, it was only a matter of time before President Trump chimed in with many expecting that today's news that the icon of US business is not doing well would prompt a less than excited response from Trump. That's precisely what happened moments ago when Trump, speaking to reporters as he was leaving the White House, said he "wasn't happy" about the General Motors news, noting that the country has done a lot for GM.

Trump, who said he spoke with CEO Mary Barra on Sunday night according to the WSJ, and said that he does not like's GM's decision on North American auto production, said that GM needs to find a replacement for the Chevy Cruze, which isn’t selling, and said he expects that GM will put something else in Ohio. "We have a lot of pressure on them,” Trump told reporters as he left the White House for Mississippi.

Trump also said that he told GM to stop making cars in China, and that he told GM "they better get back in there soon."

Finally, Trump said GM’s announcement has nothing to do with tariffs, even though GM's biggest competitor in September said that tariffs will cost the company over $1 billion in profits.

Trump also addressed the sharp escalation in tensions between Russia and Ukraine, where the seizure of three Ukraine vessels which allegedly violated Russian territorial waters near the Kerch Strait led Ukraine's parliament to back president Poroshenko's proposal to institute a 30-day Martial law on the border with Russia. Trump said that he "doesn't like" the situation between Ukraine and Russia, and said that the US is working with Europe to resolve it.

As reported earlier, martial law is scheduled to be in place from November 26 to January 26, with the Ukrainian army put on full combat alert even before the martial law was declared amid Ukraine rumors that Russia was preparing for a land invasion.