Border Patrol Video Shows Central American Migrants Sneaking Through Arizona Border Gaps

Officials from the Yuma Sector Border Patrol tweeted a video of a group of migrants crossing the Arizona border into the United States, showing a gap in America's infrastructure. The crossing took place on November 23 at around 4:15 p.m. according to officials. 

"Large groups of illegal aliens from Central America continue to exploit gaps in infrastructure along the border in to gain access to the United States.," reads the tweet: 

The group of 31 migrants crossed the border Friday afternoon, according to Breitbart, which spoke to a Yuma Sector spokesman. Four of the migrants came from El Salvador, while the remaining 27 were from Guatemala. The majority of them asked for Asylum. 

"no intelligence at this time suggests that they were part of the caravan," said the official. Most of the caravan migrants appear to have gathered in Tijuana. 

Two weeks ago the Arizona Sector CBP posted a video of a smuggler cutting down concertina wire at what appears to be the same crossing as above, shortly after it was installed. 

Earlier in the month, CBP Arizona apprehended 654 Central American migrants over a two-day period who were also unaffiliated with the migrant caravans. As Breitbart's Bob Price reported at the time, the mostly Guatemalan migrants exploited weaknesses in the older border wall infrastructure, while also crossing over the Colorado River in shallow areas. 

And on November 10, Breitbart reported on the Yuma Sector announcement that nearly 450 "mostly Central American, non-caravan, migrants exploited the old barrier by scaling over or burrowing under the outdated wall during a two-day period beginning on November 6." 

Yuma Sector officials said the old-style “landing mat” wall design lacks the improved concrete footer found in the new prototypes tested in the San Diego Sector earlier this year. The older technology allows migrants to burrow under the fence. -Breitbart

Apprehensions in the Yuma Sector have jumped over 135 percent over the same period in October 2017, going from 1,536 to 3,613 migrants who were apprehended after crossing the border into the United States. Apprehensions in Fiscal Year 2018 are up 100% over 2017's total.