Trump: Pursuit Of Moscow Hotel Deal Was "Very Legit & Cool"

Any hopes that the G-20 summit would offer a brief respite from President Trump's unceasing stream of tweets were dashed Friday morning when the president mocked allegations that he misrepresented his company's pursuit of a Trump Tower Moscow deal that came under scrutiny Thursday after former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about the timeline of the deal talks (it ultimately fell apart, though talks reportedly continued until the summer of 2017).

Trump again blasted the Mueller probe as a "witch hunt" and said he only "lightly looked at doing a building somewhere in Russia". Trump added that the fact that he ran his business while running for president was "very legal and very cool." Trump also pointed out that he put up "zero money, zero guarantees and didn't do the project."

Trump told reporters on Thursday that Cohen was lying to shave years off a "lengthy" prison sentence, and that he had been entirely truthful about the Trump Tower Moscow deal - something that his lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, confirmed during an interview with the New York Times. Giuliani said Trump answered questions about the project posed by Mueller in a set of written answers he provided to the investigation last week.

But more salacious details about the negotiations have surfaced, including a Buzzfeed report claiming that the Trump Organization had planned to gift a $50 million penthouse at the tower to Russian President Vladimir Putin.