The Hypocrisy Of The G20, And The World Leaders Who Participated

Authored by Richard Galustian via,

The G20 in Argentina was nothing short of a circus; a distasteful display of imperialism, greed, corruption and elitism. These leaders do not speak for the poor or downtrodden or oppressed...

As for America, Trump continues his theatrics by saying he would not meet Putin; whether he did or didn’t, us ordinary folk will never know. These are games. Though President Trump canceled his meeting with Putin, Trump met with China’s President Xi, let us not fool ourselves about prospects for any real breakthrough over their two countries’ trade disagreements from a so-called 'truce'.

China emerges as ‘the grown up’ of all world nations; the 21st Century will eventually, one can predict, belong to them.

However one must admire the charm, intellect and humour of the exceptional Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, who on the subject of a cancelled meeting between Trump and Putin, he brilliantly described the dance between the two nations by saying he was saddened by President Trump’s decision, adding “love can’t be forced.”

Do we have any person in the West that comes close to the class of Lavrov?

One cannot fail to mention though no more revolting images imaginable were the mostly warm welcome by many leaders given to the psychopath Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohamad bin Salman (MBS).

However the one that disappoints the most is the sight of President Putin with MBS, laughing and joking.

The main reason is that for the last few years, Russia and Putin and his exceptionally capable Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov have maintained a very high moral ground on most of the world’s issues and outrageous actions, in the main, made by America. This has been Russia’s success these recent years, especially their brilliant handling of the World Cup.

But to see President Putin’s animated display of friendship towards MBS was nothing short of disgusting.

Putin’s advisors should never have allowed their President to make such a disillusioning mistake for all of us to see.

MBS and the Saudi regime are the most distasteful murderous regime on the planet. Putting the heinous murder by the Saudi’s of Jamal Khashoggi to one side, what Saudi is doing in Yemen is without doubt a war crime of huge proportions. They also are the real exporters of terrorism not Iran. Remember who were the alleged hijackers on 9/11. Saudis or Iranians? Only Israel match being as murderous a regime as Saudi, evidenced by what they have done and continue to do in the ‘open prison’ that is Gaza.

When did we all lose our moral compass?

You think these second rate leaders can solve the most important planet’s problems of over population, the environment and nuclear proliferation? Dream on.

For some of us there was hope that Russia could counter the imperialistic ambitions of America and it’s penchant for regime change. Now that hope seems to have been a false.

All these spineless amoral leaders attending the G20 meeting should be in many cases simply arrested or put up against a wall. Where is the anger, the indignation from the world’s populace against their leaders? Where is the media? Why is Assange not spoken of, etc.

In a nutshell, the G20 only reinforces a fact most of us know which is that corrupt leaders control our planet.

We need, though it will never happen, a ground swell of revolution by the people, by citizens, to change the system, of most countries, even if it be violent, which seems the only way anything will change.

The G20 meeting was of corrupt people on a scale akin to a mafia get together.

Corruption is the World’s greatest enemy and in Buenos Aires we saw ‘the Dons’ get together and, be sure of one thing above all else, there will be no real result except the leaders attending will increase their personal self interests and wealth.