YeLLoW MaYHeM...



The globalist misdirection in Europe seems to have been to lead the people to believe they are doing swell compared to the human squalor to be seen in the apparently "imaginary no go zones"... Suddenly, that trick seems to have lost its efficacy as a consequence of a mass epiphany sparked by another grand misdirection: the urgent need for ordinary citizens to sacrifice their highly tenuous or otherwise illusory well-being to fight the evil scourge of diesel fueled global warming.

They are running out of cardboard bogeymen.

Is Macron's Euro-Army meant to defend against the evil axis of China, Russia and the USSA (baloney), recover control of "no go zones" (not likely) or beat down the EURO-proles before they fully awaken?  Will Maidan types be only to eager to enlist?

A Clockwork Moron...I mean Macron

And BTW, it is certainly notable that this guy is a former Rothschild bankster.