Why Have Seattle's Police Become Enforcers For Antifa?

Seattle and Portland have become hotbeds of violence between conservatives and Antifa, as groups such as the Proud Boys and Patriot Prayer have had their permitted rallies crashed by black-clad leftists in often-violent confontations. 

At minimum, the conservative groups should be able to hold their gatherings with the expectation that the local police will uphold the law and respect their right to do so. But what happens when the cops don't do that - and in fact take sides? 

Independent journalist Andy Ngo found out last weekend during a Seattle rally which Antifa crashed. As Redstate senior contributing editor Streiff reports, it didn't go so well... 


Via RedState

If you aren’t familiar with his work, independent journalist Andy Ngo has made something of a career out of chronicling the outright douchebaggery of the the antifa movement and the coziness of the Portland and Seattle governments with that movement. His efforts have discomfited the antifa and irritated politicians. And, along the way, it has given all of us a view of what happens when a governmental entity stops trying to enforce laws equally and decides that supporting a violent and extreme political faction is the way to gain popularity.

Yesterday, a group called the Three Percenters has a permit for a rally in Seattle. They were met by the antifa who didn’t bother to obtain a permit, though the police don’t really seem to care.

The trouble starts as Ngo is recognized... Then the Seattle PD decided to say “f*** that Constitution bullsh**” and took the side of the antifa, threatening Ngo with arrest for “inciting conflict.” One unarmed guy with a camera was to blame. Go figure.

 And when the death threat came, Ngo left.

Sort of amazing, really. The Seattle PD had zero problem with armed people showing up for an un-permitted protest. They had zero problem with a sidewalk being obstructed or a journalist being rather unambiguously threatened. And rather than enforce the law the told a guy engaging in Constitutionally protected behavior–covering this illegal demonstration as a journalist–that he was the problem.

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