US Equity Futures Rebound As Trump Notes "Very Strong Signals" From China

Despite the desperation of the mainstream media to proclaim Trump trade-truce a dud - quoting anonymous Chinese sources - China itself stymied those lies overnight, noting that:

"The meeting was very successful and we have confidence in the implementation. "

And as the narrative continued overnight, President Trump retweeted a Bloomberg News report stating that China has "officially echoed" his optimism over trade talks.

Trump cites a story saying "Chinese officials have begun preparing to restart imports of U.S. Soybeans & Liquified Natural Gas, the first sign confirming the claims of President Donald Trump and the White House that China had agreed to start ‘immediately’ buying U.S. products”

But President Trump was not done.

He followed this retweet with one of his own, noting "Very strong signals being sent by China," pointing out - as if offering himself an 'out' again - that he believes "President Xi meant every word of what he said."

Enabling Trump to pin any failure on Xi's lack of delivery.

Trump was also quick to point to one of the potential 'wins'..."China [promised] me to criminalize the sale of deadly Fentanyl coming into the United States. "

And while stocks have a long way to regain yesterday's carnage, futures ticked up on these tweets...