What Could Happen After The Brexit Vote?

There was drama in the House of Commons on Monday as Theresa May suffered an extraordinary three parliamentary defeats on key votes.

Statista's Niall McCarthy notes that the start of the five-day debate on May's deal was delayed as MPs voted to find the government in contempt of Parliament for failing to publish the legal advice on Brexit in full.

Monday might have just been a warm-up with the big vote on May's Brexit deal not set to occur until next week. When that does happen, it will have several possible outcomes with all of them considered equally unlikely.

In order to understand the repercussions of the vote being accepted or rejected, Bloomberg put together an overview of the possible scenarios.

The following infographic aims to make sense of the vote and provides an overview of what could happen next week...

Infographic: What could happen after the Brexit vote? | Statista

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Parliament now has the potential to decide on Britain’s “plan B” if, as expected, it rejects May’s divorce agreement with the European Union in the biggest vote of all next week.

“No longer must the will of Parliament — reflecting the will of the people — be diminished,” Grieve said afterwards.

“Parliament must now take back control and then give the final decision back to the public because, in the end, only the people can sort this out.”

Every possible outcome - May’s deal, an amended deal, no deal, a general election or a second referendum - seems equally unlikely. But as professional Brexit-watcher Anand Menon pointed out recently, even the most implausible of them may happen.