A Defiant Huawei Says It Won't Change Ties With Suppliers Due To US Pressure

A defiant Huawei Technologies sent a letter on Thursday night to its global supply-chain partners, which was seen by Sina, according to which it won't change ties with its suppliers, and adding that it has "very little" information regarding U.S. accusations against its CFO Meng Wanzhou, and has "no knowledge of any improper behavior on the CFO’s part."

The company added that it believes the Canadian, U.S., judicial systems will come to fair conclusions to the case; and that Huawei will update its partners if it has further information

But most notably, Huawei said the American "use of all sorts of means to pressure business goes against fair competition" adding that won’t change its cooperation with global supply-chain partners because of the U.S. actions.

Meanwhile, everyone's attention remains glued to Trump's twitter feed who in addition to not tweeting about the market for quite a while, has yet to opine on the Huawei scandal du jour.