Elon Musk's Divorce Lawyer Is No Longer Tesla's General Counsel

The executive turnstile at Tesla continues to operate at full force gale, with the most recent changing of the guard happening at the company's general counsel position. Todd Maron, Tesla's (now former) general counsel and also Elon Musk's divorce lawyer will be leaving the company after five years on the job according to a statement given to the Wall Street Journal.

He’s going to apparently stay on until January and help transition the role to Dane Butswinkas, a seasoned trial lawyer who has "decades of experience defending corporate interests". His bio states that he is “recommended by his peers and clients alike for his ‘absolute trial-ready preparedness.’”

We’re sure that this switch at the General Counsel position has absolutely nothing to do with an ongoing Department of Justice investigation into the company reportedly directed at whether or not Elon Musk misled investors with regards to Model 3 production timelines.

Butswinkas is currently chairman of law firm Williams & Connolly and he will report directly to Elon Musk. When asked about the transition, Tesla did a great job of pivoting from the fact that its general counsel was leaving and instead made some vague and nebulous statement about its interstellar philosophic goals.

“Tesla’s mission is bigger than Tesla - one that is critical to the future of our planet. It’s hard to identify a mission more timely, more essential, or more worth fighting for," the company told the Wall Street Journal.

When asked for a comment from the departing counsel, Mr. Maron wrote:

 “Being part of Tesla for the last five years has been the highlight of my career. Tesla has been like family to me, and I am extremely grateful to Elon, the board, the executive team, and everyone at Tesla for allowing me to play a part in this incredible company.”

The company didn’t give a firm answer as to why Maron was leaving, but it did note that the transition had began in July of this past year. One of the interesting things about Mr. Maron's departure is the fact that he has not only been Elon Musk‘s personal lawyer, but also his confidant, for years. On the other hand, the incoming attorney had already been hired as to help assist with Musk's August tweets that landed him as the target of a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit.

We’re sure that Tesla bringing on a seasoned trial attorney is nothing to pay attention to at all, but likely just another step in helping fight the pesky and nefarious short-sellers that have conspired to further the interests of the oil and gas lobby and destroy the company. Vaya con dios, Mr. Maron.