Italian Lawmakers Busted Having Sex In Parliament Bathroom

The tension in Rome may have lessened since the Italian leadership opted to try and work with the EU by lowering their projected 2019 budget deficit to 2%, but that doesn't mean passions aren't still running high in the Chamber of Deputies.

Two mystery MPs in the Italian parliament were reportedly busted having a quickie in a bathroom in the Chamber of Deputies after someone secretly recorded, according to Italian media outlets. The video, captured on a smartphone, reportedly involved an MP from the Five Star Movement and another from the League - which, as RT joked, suggests that the coalition partners aren't only close in a professional sense.


Il Giornale, the Italian newspaper that broke the story, opted not to disclose the identities of the two MPs.

"Obviously we know their names. We are not releasing them because privacy is a right," the paper said. It also didn't say who made the recording. A director at the Il Tempo newspaper said only that the two MPs are "tall and beautiful" and that "everybody knows their names."

Ettore Rosato, the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, appeared to condone the bathroom rendezvous, joking that it was a more productive use of the MPs time than the interparty

While some might say that having sex on the taxpayer's watch should be condemned, the vice president of the Chamber of Deputies, Ettore Rosato of the Democratic Party, seemed absolutely fine with the restroom tryst. "Finally, a good way to use the time in here," he said.

And on the bright side, at least they did not do in public like Berlusconi...

Talk abut la dolce vita...