Each Of The Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Explained In One Sentence

Authored by Gokul N K via HackerNoon.com,

From an All Time High of $19,665.39 Bitcoin has now fallen to $3,398.68. That is a straight 82.78 % decline. If this is the condition of Bitcoin you can just imagine the plight of other Altcoins. Bear Markets are brutal. But they also give you enough time to learn about technology, separate good projects from scams and identify those rare gems.

Just to make sure that I don’t miss out on any good projects, a couple of months ago I started making short descriptions about the top 100 projects. Every once in a while I check the list. If there are any new entrants then I check them out and add my notes. I have just formatted them and sharing them as a post.

1. BTC --Bitcoin--Digital Gold, Gold 2.0. Read More>>

2. XRP --XRP--Enterprise Payment Settlement Network. Read More>>

3. ETH --Ethereum--Programmable Money, Smart Contracts. Read More>>

4. XLM --Stellar--Fast International Payments, Ripple-like.

5. USDT --Tether--1USD Peg, Backed?.

6. BCH --Bitcoin Cash--Bitcoin Clone. Bad PR. Read More>>

7. BSV --Bitcoin SV-- Bitcoin Clone. Very Bad PR. CSW’s vision?

8. EOS --EOS--DAPP framework DPOS.

9. LTC --Litecoin--Fast popular Bitcoin clone. Read More>>

10. TRX --TRON--Blockchain-based entertainment content sharing platform. Read More>>

11. ADA --Cardano--Smart Contracts Platform, Overhyped. Read More>>

12. XMR --Monero--Privacy Centric, Hackers favorite.

13. XEM --NEM--Enterprise Smart Asset System. Read More>>

14. MIOTA --IOTA--IOT Payments, Low fees.

15. BNB --Binance Coin--Binance Exchange, Upcoming DEX plans.

16. DASH --Dash--Privacy Focused, Bitcoin Clone. Read More>>

17. ETC --Ethereum Classic--Ethereum Clone, Uncensored version. Read More>>

18. NEO --NEO--Chinese Smart Contracts Platform. Read More>>

19. ZEC --Zcash--Privacy Centric Bitcoin Fork. Read More>>

20. DOGE --Dogecoin--MEME turned micro-transactions litcoin-clone.

21. MKR --Maker--Asset backed decentralized stablecoin.

22. XTZ --Tezos--Smart Contracts, DAPPS POS.

23. VET --VeChain--trustfree, distributed business ecosystem.

24. BTG --Bitcoin Gold--Bitcoin Clone for GPU Mining.

25. TUSD --TrueUSD--Stable Coin. 1 USD peg token by TrustToken.

26. USDC --USD Coin--USD stable coin backed by Circle.

27. OMG --OmiseGO--Banking the unbanked, Remittances-centric.

28. ZRX --0x--Decentralised exchange on Ethereum.

29. PAX --Paxos Standard Token--Yet another stable coin pegged to USD.

30. ONT --Ontology--Blockchain integration for enterprises.

31. BAT --Basic Attention Token--Rewards publishers using their Brave browser. Attention economy pioneer..

32. WAVES --Waves--Decntralised exchange. Create your own token without coding..

33. DCR --Decred--Autonomous digital-currency. Atomic Swaps.

34. QTUM --Qtum--Value Transfer, Smart Contracts.

35. LSK --Lisk--Developer Friendly DAPPS in Javascript.

36. FCT --Factom--Open source data integrity protocol.

37. NANO --Nano--Formerly RaiBlocks, near instant transactions with low fees.

38. ZIL --Zilliqa--Next Generation, High Throughput Blockchain Platform.

39. DGB --DigiByte--Highly decentralised, cybersecurity focussed.

40. BCD --Bitcoin Diamond--Another Bitcoin clone claiming faster transactions and low fees.

41. BCN --Bytecoin--Blockchain Analysis resistant Privacy coin.

42. ICX --ICON--Hyperconnect the World. Cross blockchain communication.

43. AOA --Aurora--EVM supported smart contracts on DPOS blockchain.

44. BTS --BitShares--First peer to peer exchange and decentralised financial system.

45. SC --Siacoin--Rent your hard-disk. Decentralised Cloud storage.

46. XVG --Verge--Earlier called DogeCoinDark. Privacy focussed coin.

47. AE --Aeternity--decentralized computing and digital asset platform.

48. GUSD --Gemini Dollar--Unable To Fetch Description.

49. NPXS --Pundi X--It is a decentralized platform simplifying cryptocurrency for users.

50. LINK --Chainlink--Decentralised Oracle service.

51. STEEM --Steem--Blockchain based social media. Content and reward centric.

52. QASH --QASH--Liquidity platform by Japan approved QUOINE.

53. BTM --Bytom--Asset management via smart-contracts.

54. PPT --Populous--Decentralised global invoice trading platform.

55. REP --Augur--Decentralised Prediction Market.

56. R --Revain--AI curated ratings and reviews on blockchain.

57. KMD --Komodo--Another privacy centric coin.

58. STRAT --Stratis--C# and the .Net based enterprise grade smart contracts. Creates sidechains.

59. MAID --MaidSafeCoin--Creators of SAFE network. Pay once to upload, Store forever digital economy.

60. GNT --Golem--decentralized supercomputer.

61. HOT --Holo--Unable To Fetch Description.

62. MANA --Decentraland--Decentraland is a virtual reality platform powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

63. DAI --Dai--Stable currency by MakerDAO.

64. ETN --Electroneum--App based mobile mining.

65. CNX --Cryptonex--Easy entrance into crypto world.

66. HT --Huobi Token--Token for Huobi exchange. Discount on trading.

67. SNT --Status--Decentralised apps. Chat app is most popular.

68. ARDR --Ardor--Blockchain-as-a-service-platform that evolved from the time-tested Nxt blockchain.

69. WAX --WAX--A decentralized virtual marketplace as service.

70. MGO --MobileGo--Smart token for the gaming industry.

71. IOST --IOST--Promising to be Better Bitcoin.

72. KCS --KuCoin Shares--Cryptocurrency Exchange that redistributes most of the profits.


74. INB --Insight Chain--A Decentralized Research Ecosystem Chai.

75. MOAC --MOAC--Advancing Performance for Enhanced Smart Contracting.

76. NEXO --Nexo--Instant crypto backed loans.

77. BTCP --Bitcoin Private--hard fork of Bitcoin combined with the privacy of zk-snarks.

78. ETP --Metaverse ETP--Chinese ethereum and identity.

79. WTC --Waltonchain--Blockchain + RFID for supply chian.

80. ELA --Elastos--Blockchain powered internet, Operating System, and runtime for DAPPs.

81. WAN --Wanchain--Crosschain protocol.

82. LKY --Linkey--A Professional and Under Supervised Financial Platform.

83. EURS --STASIS EURS--A collateralized stable coin.

84. ARK --Ark--Aims to create an entire ecosystem of linked chains.

85. AION --Aion--The protocol to link all protocols.

86. RDD --ReddCoin--Social currency.

87. PIVX --PIVX--Privacy centric blockchain. Cone of Dash.

88. QKC --QuarkChain--Scalable blockchain using sharding technology to deliver over 1 million transactions per second.

89. THETA --THETA--Decentralised Streaming network.

90. RVN --Ravencoin--A blockchain designed to carry statements of truth about who owns what asset.

91. MITH --Mithril--A decentralized social media platform that rewards all content creators.

92. POLY --Polymath--The securities token platform.

93. BNT --Bancor--Protocol for generation of cryptocurrencies.

94. MONA --MonaCoin--First Japanese cryptocurrency.

95. MCO --Crypto.com--Cryptocurrency Visa Card.

96. GXS --GXChain--Industrial Level Data Exchange Solution on blockchain.

97. ELF --aelf--Decentralised cloud computing.

98. XZC --Zcoin--Private Financial Transactions enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol.

99. XYO --XYO Network-- Blockchain’s first cryptographic location network with beacons

100. LOOM --Loom Network--Layer 2 scaling for Ethereum

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